10 For 10 – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe Dawson

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Recently in the middle of the night, I woke up suddenly and heard the Lord say, “10 for 10.” He began to reveal to me a unique time of prayer He was calling anyone to do who would say yes to it. I believe this is a call from the Lord for people to take 10 days and spend 10 minutes everyday praying for the goals they have for this year.

The Lord spoke to me again and said, “The reason that I want people to do this is because I want them to dedicate this time to hear from Me.” This time of prayer is not the included with the regular time that you spend in prayer with the Lord. This is a specific time of extra prayer set aside just to pray and seek God about the goals and dreams He has placed in your heart to accomplish. God may speak to you to do things that you may want to talk yourself out of. However, whatever God speaks to you during this time you must do it! This is not a season to where the assignments God gives to us can be seen as an option or an opinion. This is a time to throw your life into whatever God has called you to do without any hesitation.

God is calling His people out of their comfort zones. God is about to pull back the curtain a little bit further so that you can see the fulfillment of the dreams He has placed in your heart. Many people will step into another level of their purpose and destiny in this season. But first, we must set ourselves apart to hear from Him. God is visiting His people in a powerful way. He is releasing key wisdom, insight, revelation, anointing and favor on His people in 2020. God is looking for those that will spend 10 days in 10 minutes of consecrated prayer to hear from Him & see the Kingdom of God manifested! Take this invitation from the Lord and be filled with faith and expectation for what is to come!

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