Joe Joe Dawson

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The Lord recently spoke to me about the next 15 months being a time of accelerated glory. The 15 months are the last 3 in 2019, and the entire year of 2020. I believe that what God will do in the last 90 days of 2019 will be a foundation for everything God will do in 2020. There is an increase coming in the next 3 months but the increase will continue through the entire year of 2020.

In the Hebrew calendar this is the year of 5780, which many are calling “the year of the ROAR” or the “the year where voices will be established.” When God originally spoke to my wife and I about starting our apostolic network and launching our church the Lord told us to call it ROAR. ROAR standing for revival, outpouring, awakening and reformation. I believe this is a year for many authentic voices to be heard and established. This will be 15 months of accelerated glory in every area of believers lives. This is a season where many will step into every thing they have been in fasting and prayer for for many years.

This will be a season where you need to take action! The next 15 months are not a time to sit idly by. Aggressively throw your life into your God-given destiny and purpose. This is a time to be all in for the Kingdom of God! In the next 15 months, you are going to receive key insight, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from the Lord. Lean into clarity because God wants you to have a clear vision for what He has called you to do.

You’re about to walk in a greater anointing than ever before. In your past seasons, you’ve been through trials, tests and tribulations but the attacks of the enemy prepared you to walk in what is coming. Now is your season. You are about to see the accelerated glory of God in your life and it will far surpass anything you could ever imagine. The weight of God’s glory and power is about to come upon you. Everything in your past has been leading up to this moment.

The next 3 months of accelerated glory are actually a foundation to carry you through the next 12 months of 2020. At the end of 2018, I was so excited for 2019. As I was really getting excited for 2019, the Lord even told me then, “2019 is going to be a really good year for My children, but when 2020 gets here, it’s going to be even better.” Many of you have been building a foundation this year, but you are about to experience the glory at a greater level.

My friends, I hope this word encourages you. This is a season of accelerated glory. Your mantle is coming upon you, the anointing is going to be greater and the glory of God is about to be manifested! The next 15 months is going to be an exceptionally powerful year for the apostolic and prophetic movements and the Kingdom of God is going to be manifested on the earth. – Joe Joe Dawson