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2017: End-Time Brides Being Released! – A Word by Bill Yount


*** ( The Lord brought this word back to me that I received many years ago. This word is being activated once again this year.)
As the threshold of the New Year, 2017 arrived, I heard wedding bells ringing throughout the earth at the striking of the midnight hour.

In the Spirit, I heard a huge order of “Bridal Veils” being called into the throne room of Heaven.

“Make that an extra large order,” the command came from the Father of the Brides.

I sensed that not only was the Father excited over His own Son’s wedding that would soon take place, but He was seemingly beside Himself for the joy of a multitude of long awaited “end-time” weddings that would take place upon the earth, just preceding the greatest wedding in the Universe.

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“Get those six water pots out again and fill them with ‘living’ water! I’ve saved the very best wine for last, for these end-time weddings.”


I saw veils of “singleness” that had been covering many single men and women for years in spite of their desire to marry. These veils were actually covering them to protect and hide them from wrong relationships.

Many thought, “What is wrong with me? No one seems to notice me or seems to even look at me!” But I saw the wisdom of God hard at work to preserve these chosen ones for the person whom the Lord was preparing and keeping separate for them also.

I sensed the Father saying to their guardian angels, “Begin to lift the veils of ‘singleness’ off of their faces! It’s time for them to see and be seen by the one whom I have ordained for them. I will continue to order their steps and ‘stops’ and cause their paths to cross as they faithfully continue serving me.

“As I sent an angel to direct the steps of Isaac’s servant to find Rebekah for him, I am sending angels before them to guide them. In the everyday, ordinary walk of life they will begin to discover My surprise appointments with Divine contacts for the desires of their hearts.”


Veils were coming off of many “widows and widowers” as the Lord was proclaiming, “Your lonely days are coming to an end!”

I saw some divorce papers being shredded to pieces as some who had divorced each other were now making plans to renew their wedding vows and start over!

All of Heaven seemed to be ecstatic over earthly weddings. To them, each wedding brings heaven and earth a little closer, with the intent to portray the ultimate marriage that all creation awaits…the marriage supper of the Lamb!

An angelic conductor was about to move his baton for angel choirs to come in on Heaven’s grand finale of — “Here come the Brides!” Many who have wept long, lonely nights will discover that their tears were seeds of flowers that are now blooming for their wedding day.


These end-time marriages were being brought into the Kingdom to witness to the earth the love of the Father between a husband and a wife. This demonstration of God’s love would be contagious and influence many in the earth to become the Bride to be — whom the Father is preparing for His Son.

I sense a “Ruth and Boaz” anointing coming upon single men and women. A word to the Ruth’s (single women) is: “Keep serving and gleaning unto the Lord where He is leading you…your Boaz is near!”

And a word to the Boaz’s (single men): “Untie your shoe* laces…and prepare yourself to redeem your ‘Ruth’!

* In the days of Boaz concerning redeeming and purchasing, a man would pluck off his shoe, and give it to his neighbor. This was a testimony to confirm things in Israel.”

Bill Yount

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