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2017: The Year of My Spirit ~ Wanda Alger


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I tell you that this is the year of My Spirit. This is the year when My Spirit calls to your spirit and your spirit calls to Mine. There is a longing in the ageless regions of eternity that is calling deep unto deep. That which has been hidden for ages is about to be revealed and that which has been hungering, thirsting, crying out, and looking for eternity, is about to be fulfilled.

There is a changing of the guard, an overturning of powers, a revolution of My Spirit and an upside-down kingdom that is about to turn things inside out. All that man has tried to do and attempted through their own designs, innovations, intellect, and wittiness, is about to be upended and displaced. Heaven has been drawing closer and closer and the veil is thin. I hear the longings of my sons and daughters and My passion cannot hold back much longer.

That which you have come to know as Church and kingdom realities are about to be dramatically altered and transformed. We are leaving the Church Age and entering the Kingdom Age. There are treasures in unseen realms, expressions of my glory, workings and administrations of My Spirit that are going to come to demonstrate upon the earth the power and full authority of My Father’s kingdom and crown.

Prepare! Prepare to be upended! Prepare to be in wonder and awe! Prepare to yield and release the lesser things and the earthly things, to embrace the heavenly things and the tangible presence through My Spirit. Prepare to be surprised and shocked as to the level of my goodness, my delight, and my passionate love for those who call me Father. My heart aches to be among those I have created, called, and chosen. Yet, my heart also desperately pleads and cries out for those of mine who have yet to meet Me, know Me, and join the family of eternal bliss.

It is for this reason that I come as I do, unleashing the full force of My Spirit so that you may SEE, HEAR, FEEL, and ENCOUNTER the fullness of the Godhead and our love for one another. The Father’s love has already been poured out through the sacrifice of the Son. The Son has already given glory to the Father through the laying down of his life. The Spirit has already been poured out as a deposit for that which is to come. Even so, there is now a THREE-FOLD strand of unity and agreement between the Godhead that is bearing down upon the earth. It is the fullness of Father, Son, and Spirit, coming together so that the BEST of My Bride will come forth.

So many have not heard. So many have not seen. So many have not been shown the wonders of My glory, the joy of my delight, and the full measure of heaven’s realities that I have placed within you. The world has been handed a compromised gospel void of true power and authority. Many have allowed their flesh to rule over their spirit and given way to double-mindedness and worldly thinking. Even so, that which governs your soul and that which has governed your land, is about to be totally displaced and turned inside-out. Up will be down and the unseen will be seen. Wrong will be made right and true authority will shift the atmosphere with but a word from the throne of heaven. It is by My Spirit that the light will come to displace the darkness and dispel every lie and defeat every foe.

Heaven is coming! Heaven is coming to take back from the enemy what he has stolen in the supernatural realm. He has subverted and defiled the things of My Spirit for his own purposes and we are taking it back! It belongs to the Father and his children and it is time for the realities of this realm to be seen and known for kingdom purposes. It is the unseen which reveals the fullness of the Father’s love, His joy, and His glory. It is the unseen realm of My Spirit which will ignite and empower the sons and daughters to do that which their Father has for-ordained. Eternity has been placed within your hearts and it is eternity that now beckons us to join together to show the world the fullness and reality of the Father’s goodness and glory. The governments of the earth will crumble and give way to the eternal kingdom that will not only grow and increase, but never end!

Even so, be prepared for the opposition, for there is yet the spirit of the Pharisees that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy that which heaven has ordained. There will be attempts to sabotage, discredit, and counterfeit that which will be poured out. It is by My Spirit that you will know the difference. You must stand secure in that which is truly of heaven and that which is not. Do not give in and do not give way to the counterfeits and to those who would use and manipulate the power of My Spirit for their own gain. It is through humility and servanthood that my kingdom will be established and empowered. Though the outcome has already been secured in eternity, it is my sons and daughters that must bring my plans to completion through partnering with My Spirit. Feed your spirit and build up your most holy faith to expect, anticipate, and receive that which is coming. This will be your greatest weapon and your greatest strength; to live, move, and have your being by the power of my Spirit!

I say to my sons and daughters to PROPHESY! Prophesy and forthtell the coming of My Spirit. Let the world hear the heart-cry of eternity and the longing of lovers! It will be the SOUND of my sons and daughters that will crack the heavens and tear the veil that separates us even now. My Spirit cries out for you. Cry out for Me! Let the earth hear the song of love and the song of victory! The worship of heaven has been preparing for this day and this hour. Join in the heavenly worship, for as you do the atmosphere will shift and the gateways will be made wide for the breakthroughs to come.

Do not wait for Me – I am waiting for you. It is your praises and declarations of My purposes that will overwhelm and overcome the attempts of the enemy to silence you! Open your mouths and let the overflow of My Spirit shift realities and shift kingdoms – the seen for the unseen, the temporal for the eternal, and the kingdoms of this world for the kingdoms of the eternal Father, for His glory and pleasure.


A Word For You Today
by Joel Yount
The Eagle And The Snake
A year ago while walking at a park an Eagle had flown right over me carrying what looked like a dead snake. The one thing that amazed me was how low the Eagle was flying as it flew above me. It was as if God was highlighting this occurrence that I had never experienced before.
Before seeing the Eagle and the snake, I had been walking around the park praying and declaring scriptures for breakthrough regarding a situation. Leading up to this time, it seemed as if there was an escalated season of attack from the enemy as someone had attempted to shut the Spirit Fuel website down. However, God stepped in and the individual responsible for that attempt did not succeed. Praise God!
Pay Attention To Signs God Reveals To You
God had stepped in many ways in only he could do. The escalated attacks had ceased. The Lord revealed to me that the Eagle had represented His power and protection coming down and taking the enemy (the snake) out of his place.
The Lord instructed me to send this testimony out today because He wants to remind many of you that nothing is hard for Him. He will send signs in the natural that relate to what is going on in the supernatural.
The prayers and declarations of saying scripture out loud at the park had activated something in the Spirit realm I believe. One important action I had taken before this event was sowing several seeds into different ministries. This act stretched my faith. When I saw what God did and how he turned the enemy’s plans upside down I was amazed. God is turning the enemy’s plans upside down in your own life today! Do something in the natural to activate the supernatural in your life today.
Right now I encourage you to sow a seed of $50, $35, or $25 into Spirit Fuel and name it “Breakthrough” as an act of faith that something will shift in your situation. By sowing a seed today into Spirit Fuel, you will be helping to reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team and resources to maintain the Spirit Fuel platform. I want to encourage 15 of you reading right now who want to go to the next level and take a step of faith and sow a seed of $100 or more. (Breakthrough testimonies have come in from this.)
Joel Yount
A Team Member At Spirit Fuel
Wanda Alger
Wanda is a recognized Five-fold prophetic minister with Dove Christian Fellowship International and an ordained minister. She is also on staff at Intercessors for America as a Field Correspondent. Wanda ministers along with her husband, Pastor Bobby Alger, at Crossroads Community Church in Winchester, Virginia, which they planted in 1998. Follow her weekly blog at

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