5782-2022 -The year of the take back – A Word by Chantie Holland

Chantie Holland is a Prophetic Voice & Co-founder of Foundations of Revival. Her heart is to see the Bride of Christ awaken to who God has already made them through Jesus and to see them return to Him, their First Love. She believes that the more they discover who He is, the more they will discover who they have always been. Her heart’s desire is to help them birth out their purpose. To free those that have been held captive by the enemy so they can bring revival to their own families and to the world around them.

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5782-2022 -The year of the take back – A Word by Chantie Holland

Chantie Holland

Email: [email protected]gmail.com

I’ve been waiting awhile for this year and the closer I get the more kick back I feel from the enemy. Why? Because the heavenlies have been waiting for it too. For some this word will be immediately rejected because the truth is this year will be a year for the remnant. It will not be a good year for those whose god is their appetite. This is not only the year of the manifestation of the sons of God but it’s also the year of the emergence of many rivers and the healing of the nations. But there will be much kick back as this happens. We must walk by faith and not by sight. The main word I’ve heard over and over is from Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Stay awake and pray with me because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Gethsemane represented the oil press. So for those who have chosen to not remain oily this pressing will become too much to bear. We must remember that His oil is readily available in those moments and the more you allow Him to pour into you the easier the pressing will be. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

We must remember that Jesus going to the cross for us and rising from the dead was the best thing that’s ever happened for God’s people but it didn’t look like it to those who were there. Not to God’s people and not to those who had been watching from a far to see if this Jesus thing was real. To them every thing looked as if it failed, as if it was hopeless. What is coming is one of the best things that has ever happened since the resurrection but we must pray and stay awake and walk by faith and not by sight and deal with anything within us that would cause us to give into our flesh. Because our spirits may be willing but the flesh is weak. Many will be handed into the authority of sinful men but God will use this for His glory. Now is the time to really search your heart. Am I doing this for the reward or am I doing this because He already is my reward and I want everyone else to know Him, no matter the cost?

I’ve spent the last several years allowing God to prepare me during this time. And I’ve sat while many gave me their sympathy for the betrayal and trouble I’ve experienced. But the remnant are those who recognize that the betrayer is the one who Jesus felt sorry for. This will be the year of the beatitudes. We must begin to recognize that we are blessed to even be part of it all. That the blessing of the Lord is what makes us rich and if we recognize this we not only will we not  have sorrow as we walk through the coming times but we will also rejoice in it.

This is the time when all the people who have felt like their whole life had a purpose. Your purpose is for such a time as this. Your double portion is coming. Your double for your trouble is coming but it’s for a purpose and so was your pain. You have been put in position. And the time leading up to now has almost be unbearable at moments but you’ve been prepared for the battle of all battles and you will come to the other side of it and you will bring people with you.

This is the year of the deliverers. But hold on because the enemy will do anything he can think of to stop you from it. The only way he can stop it is if you give up and even then be encouraged that God has seen ahead and provided for your moments of humanity. Those moments you shrink back from battle. Those moments you think you can’t go on anymore. He’s faithful to the faithless.

We will see His Glory. We will see His Presence. He will be a ring of fire around us and the manifestation of the sons of God will bring an illumination within the city that will transform others. Some people will be saved by watching the grace of God and faith you carry.  This will be the year of Psalm 24 where we are positioned, awakened and the King of Glory Himself comes through us for battle. This will be a year of take back.

This is the year of really evaluating whether we’ve learned to love. This is how they will know who He is and who is His. We will need to love one another. We will need to love our enemies. We will need to share bread with our betrayers. But it will be done only when we hear our Father say to because this also will be the year to be cunning as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

We’re still in the decade of the mouth but this will be the year the mouths need to be silent and not think ahead on what they say and speak only what He says to say. When you speak it needs to be the breath of God. It needs to be weighty. It needs to move mountains. But the only way you can do that is if you hear Him first. So that you can know that you know. More then ever this will be important. The gift of faith and boldness will rise up in the lovers of God. They will do miracles. Things that are even above and beyond things we’ve read in books. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Anyone worried about what man thinks and about reputation will struggle in this coming time. Speak what He says don’t rewrite it to fit the audience you want. This will be the year for he who has ears to hear.

Many have felt like every door that was set before you has been shut just after it was open. But in this time the Lord is saying I’ve given you the keys and now you will also have the wisdom and maturity to know which doors should be shut and which doors will be open. You will bind and loose things so God doesn’t have to. The maturity of the saints will begin to manifest tangibly. You will begin to have discernment of not just the spirits but also the timing and purpose. Of what to allow and what to war against because just like Judas some of the betrayal has a purpose. Just like the thorn in Paul’s flesh some of what is around you is to develop you for what you’re called to do. You will discern what is the enemy and what is God dealing with your flesh and what to bind and what to loose.

Legion will be cast out of those who were meant to be captains of thousands. You will be surprised who gets delivered this year. God will use some to deliver the very people who have been used to hold you captive. God will also use those who represent your enemy to help deliver you. This is so you can recognize that God alone reigns. His ways are not our ways and He can use the foolishness of the world to confound the wise. So position you’re hearts, lovers of God, so you don’t miss what He’s doing because of the offense of man because it may be the one who offended you who breaks you free in this time period.

-Chantie Holland

“Then Jesus led his disciples to an orchard called “The Oil Press.” He told them, “Sit here while I go and pray over there.” He took Peter, Jacob, and John with him. However, an intense feeling of great sorrow plunged his soul into deep sorrow and agony. And he said to them, “My heart is overwhelmed and crushed with grief. It feels as though I’m dying. Stay here and keep watch with me.” Then he walked a short distance away, and overcome with grief, he threw himself facedown on the ground and prayed, “My Father, if there is any way you can deliver me from this suffering,  please take it from me. Yet what I want is not important, for I only desire to fulfill your plan for me.” Then an angel from heaven appeared to strengthen him. Later, he came back to his three disciples and found them all sound asleep. He awakened Peter and said to him, “Do you lack the strength to stay awake with me for even just an hour? Keep alert and pray that you’ll be spared from this time of testing. You should have learned by now that your spirit is eager enough, but your humanity is weak.” Then he left them for a second time to pray in solitude. He said to God, “My Father, if there is not a way that you can deliver me from this suffering,  then your will must be done.” He came back to the disciples and found them sound asleep, for they couldn’t keep their eyes open. So he left them and went away to pray the same prayer for the third time. When he returned again to his disciples, he awoke them, saying, “Are you still sleeping and resting? Don’t you know the hour has come for the Son of Man to be handed over to the authority of sinful men? Get up and let’s go, for the betrayer has arrived.”

Matthew 26:36-46 TPT

“The river was flowing in the middle of the street of the city, and on either side of the river was the Tree of Life, with its twelve kinds of ripe fruit according to each month of the year. The leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations.”

Revelation 22:2 TPT

“For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children.”

Romans 8:20-21 TPT

“The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; So he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open. I will fasten him as  a peg in a secure place, And he will become a glorious throne to his father’s house. ‘They will hang on him all the glory of his father’s house, the offspring and the posterity, all vessels of small quantity, from the cups to all the pitchers. In that day,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘the peg that is fastened in the secure place will be removed and be cut down and fall, and the burden that was on it will be cut off; for the Lord has spoken.’ ”

Isaiah 22:22-25 NKJV

“So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of Glory, for he is about to come through you. You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?” The Lord, armed and ready for battle, the Mighty One, invincible in every way! So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice! Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny! Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in. You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?” He is the Lord of Victory, armed and ready for battle, the Mighty One, the invincible commander of heaven’s hosts! Yes, he is the King of Glory! Pause in his presence.”

Psalm 24:7-10 TPT

“From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of heaven’s kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.”

Matthew 11:12 TPT

God Bless,

Chantie Holland
Foundations of Revival

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