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A Breakthrough For Intercessors:
A Bridge Between Law Enforcement And Prayer Warriors!
A Word by Joel Yount
I believe God is connecting prayer warriors in cities across the United States and around the world at an accelerated rate!
A few weeks ago I felt led to begin to pray for law enforcement and prayer intercessors for a great bridge of unity to form between these two groups. In the days to come, I believe a strong connection between these two groups are going to help be the catalyst for a level of breakthrough and answered prayers for the nation and around the world!
I can see a group of intercessors taking notes on paper and then communicating with law enforcement and intelligence officials of tips they received in dreams and visions. These heavenly communications delivered by the intercessors were then used to help intelligence and law enforcement officials to narrow their focus and take down plans of the enemy with accuracy! I see this happening not just in a few small groups but with the potential to grow in every city!
I am thankful for those that have the seer gift. Heavenly Father, protect those that are seeing things ahead to alert us to pray!
Prayer Point: Let’s lift up law enforcement and intelligence officials in prayer that there would be favor between them and prophetic voices to work together to interrupt plans of the enemy.
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