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Candace is a wife, mother to 5, pastor, and counselor. She has personally walked through tremendous trials, abuse, and loss. She carries the overcoming anointing and imparts and teaches it to others all across the world through her preaching and counseling ministry.

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A Healing Winter and the Coming Purification – A Word by Candace Roberts

Candace Roberts


For months I have been telling Cody that I saw a lot of snow. I kept saying it would come even as winter drew on. It’s been years since Arkansas has seen much snow. Even now, we are in the midst of an ice storm, far from fluffy fun to play in snow.

If you know me, you know I’m not one to prophesy on Facebook. But all this morning I kept asking the Lord, what does the ice represent? Is snow coming?

He led me to a memory about six years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter Anna. It was one of the hardest most painful times of my life. I was alone, feeling completely betrayed, trying my best to care for my two young boys. I remember it snowing one night, I looked ut and saw the thick snow falling. It felt like a picture of the blanket of grief I was sitting under. Everything around me felt so tainted. Finding out that truth of how crimson my marriage really was

But there was that snow. I felt Him looking at that snow. I knew even in the midst of my darkest moments He was purifying me.

Ice symbolizes a hardening, often of the heart. Many have allowed themselves to become to become numb and hardened to emotion. To the Love of the father. In doing so they have cut themselves off from healing.

I believe we are in a season of soul healing. I have experienced it in my own life and family

It’s a deeper place than we have ever been before. Somewhere we have to be willing to go. But it is beautiful and so worth it.

He’s coming back for a pure and spotless bride. He is the one that makes us pure. He is the one that makes us white as snow. He is the one that washes away the crimsons stains so deep that we can’t allow ourselves to look upon them

I urge you to ask the Lord to search and reveal any hard place in your heart. Give Him permission to have His way. For His way is lovely and beyond all comprehension.

If we walk on the ice we will surely slip and fall. I’m waiting for the snow. Waiting to see the joy of little children playing and surrendered to the moment. Waiting for my own heart to give way to that laughter and innocence.

Don’t be surprised if there is much snow on the horizon. He is faithful to answer when we call. I believe His blanket of purity will wash over this land and hearts. I pray that it heals our wounds and gives way for a generation of laid down lovers to arise in their true identity and call.

I’m ready for the snow!

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