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Prophetic Insight


For the past few weeks the Lord has been quickening my spirit about several
time frames to keep watch for as we close out the year 2018. The numbers
12/21 and December 5th were shown to me while in prayer recently as dates
to keep our hearts open for significant shifts to occur. I was given the
date December 5th several weeks ago as a ‘day of atonement’ for those
dedicated to a time of consecration at this hour. The numbers 12/21 were
awakened in my spirit over the Thanksgiving holiday as a prophetic marker
for governmental and personal shifts to take place in our spheres of
influence. Being that the date 12/21 mirrors itself from front to back and
back to front, it was quickened in my spirit that this shift would produce
a cycle of completion causing a trajectory move (a sudden thrust) of the
Spirit accelerating us into our future. The significance of the date 12/21
was also revealed to me that this would be a time where the end from the
beginning and the beginning of the end would see its day of fulfllment
(fulfilled prophecy/ the cycles of God). The number 12 is also a number of
the elect purposes of God and an indication that the best of the best is
coming forward. A shift in apostolic fulness in the New Testament Church
will also come forth and be evident as we prepare for a greater outpouring
of the Spirit to materialize in this time of Harvest.

As I pressed into the Lord for further meaning to this recent revelation I
found that the word atonement is defined as a reparation for a wrong or
injury; to make amends. The definition of atonement in biblical resources
is also described as a pardon, canceling out, or a time of forgiveness of
wrongs done. When we are given atonement for our sins, our slate is wiped
clean and erased as though a transgression never occurred. The shed blood
of Jesus Christ on the Cross in the New Testament was the appropriation for
all of our sins; past and present. However, days of atonement position us
in a posture of reverence for a God who wipes away the stain of sin through
repentance in prayer.

What I sense Holy Spirit speaking at this hour is a recompense and
restitution of the justice of God for wrongs done and afflicted towards the
Saints of God. I also see a time of consecration ushering in a Godly
repentance which turns the hearts of the Father’s back to the children, and
the hearts of children back to their Father’s (Mal. 4:6). A greater unity
ensuing in the Body of Christ with apologies, forgiveness, confessions, and
an overall repair of relationship breaches, is ushering in a time of
healing and reconciliation towards long standing feuds and demonic
offenses. The Spirit of the Lord is decreeing cancelled debts, to those
whose debts were paid in full by the power of the Blood of Jesus! I also
heard the Lord say He was canceling demonic assignments sent to block
acceleration and hinder access to Godly assignments and promotions. I
decree the Lord is preparing clean slates and fresh starts for the people
of God at this hour! I prophesy a time of restoration is at hand!


When the Lord showed me the governmental shifts taking place through this
window of time, I sensed the governing of the Church positioning itself for
a new order to make room for Holy Spirit outpourings. A governmental shift
has the earmarks of gaining new authority as the movements of the Holy
Spirit sets us on a course conducive to fulfilling our destiny. Anytime
governing authorities are involved, our submission to those in authority
makes way for peace and unity to ensue (Romans 13:1-2). When the God of the
Universe demonstrates His intervening power through a governmental shift in
the earth realm, a revolutionary move of the Spirit of God makes way for a
new great awakening occur (Matthew 12:28).

To add to this revelation regarding a governmental shift, the Lord brought
back to my remembrance a dream I had about the White House coming into a
time of greater solidarity between a breach in parties. Although the chasm
is political parties is currently great, evident, and disruptive, the King
of Glory is choosing ‘the out of the ordinary’ men in high places to
represent His Kingdom authority upon the earth realm through our
governmental systems. Surprise guests and unlikely partnerships are being
divinely set in place even now as emissaries for world peace and order meet
on the White House steps. What man thought was impossible: I decree and
declare God is ordering at this very hour in our nation, government, and
across the land – that His plans and Divine Will can not be foiled!


The phrase ‘set your house in order’ has been ringing in my spirit since
releasing a Word through our newsletter in early November as a clarion call
to the Body of Christ. We are the temple (house) of the Holy Spirit. Our
churches, ministries, families, relationships, occupations etc. are the
Houses the Lord has entrusted us with while serving as Kingdom Ambassadors
on behalf the Body of Christ. Setting our house in order requires a time of
repentance and a renewing of the heart and mind as we reconcile with our
first love Jesus Christ as our Kinsmen Redeemer (Ruth 3:9, Job 19:25).
Setting our house in order is also a phrase where our affairs are set into
new alignment per the Will of the Father and His direction for our lives. A
time of reorganization, reordering, and restructuring often accompanies
setting our houses in order to prepare for new assignments, increase and
promotion. When God told Hezekiah to set his house in order in 2 Kings 20;
God gave Hezekiah a second chance due to Hezekiah’s posture of intercession
and prayer. The Hand of God moved on Hezekiah’s behalf by adding 15 years
to his lifespan (2 Kings 20)! When Hezakiah postured himself in prayer and
obedience to the Word of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah, The Redeemer
of Time restored Hezekiah’s House through an unusual and miraculous sign,
of turning back time through the shadow of an ancient sundial (an ancient
timepiece)! Hezekiah prayed. God moved. And the Word of the Lord came to
pass (Deut. 8:18)!

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It’s time to set our houses in order and prepare for a mighty move of the
Spirit of God! God is calling us up higher and making a way where their
seems no way. The Redeemer of Time is turning back the hands of time and
adding years of sustenance to what the locust destroyed through premature
interference. God is re-forming our days by granting increase and
multiplication to the lives of His faithful servants! Where the hearts of
God’s people have postured themselves in prayer and repentance for an
end-time move of His Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord is moving through and
setting Houses in His perfect order to prepare them for their day of
visitation. A turnaround is ushering in full circle moments where the God
of Restoration and healing is on the scene demonstrating His Mighty power.
Time is of the essence as we posture ourselves through the month of
December to receive the promises of God in accordance with His times and
seasons. I decree and declare the cycle of your life is expanding with
longevity as your due portion this year! I prophesy second changes are in
queue in the Courts of Heaven, bringing you into a time of prophetic
fulfillment and destiny. I decree and declare God is bringing new order to
everyplace that’s been out of order, and He is setting you up for the
greater things than these to appear!


A few weeks ago as I was praying in my prayer language I heard – as
clear as a bell going off in the spirit – the phrase, ‘You’ve entered a
whole new world!’ The moment I heard this phrase a monumental shift
occurred in my life that I wouldn’t realize until a few days later.
When I sensed this shift, I felt the earth move under my feet as a sign
that God moved a mountain I had been facing it seemed like an entire
lifetime. What many of you don’t know about me is that I was healed
miraculously from a spirit of infirmity after suffering for 15 years
with no relief in sight. My life was confined to living in one room
with visiting nurses, tubes, needles, and purified air; where hope
deferred wrecked havoc with my thoughts day and night. When the Lord
healed me from my spirit of infirmity, I immediately began the process
of restoring the years that the locusts had eaten, through the grace
and mercy of God. The process of coming out of my bondage was as long
as the process of entering into the FULLNESS of my promised land. When
I stepped over the threshold of the parting of my Red Sea, I knew God
had a purpose for my pain and a use for my suffering.

I share this with you today because I believe that the Lord is SHIFTING
many of you reading this at this hour. I believe that the God of
Miracles is setting many of your ‘houses’ in order to demonstrate His
miraculous healing power. I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, YOU ARE
shifted out of the old and into a new paradigm of desires fulfilled, as
abundant as the tree of life! I decree and declare The answers to your
prayers are right around the corner and the spirit of delay is broken
off of your person! The Redeemer of Time is in your midst and He is
mighty to save! I decree and declare the month of December to be the
fulfillment of your biggest dreams come true. I prophesy the healing
power of Jesus is standing at your front door, and this is YOUR year –
to BIRTH – everything NEW!

When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world. The old things are
gone; and behold, all things are new! 2 For. 5:17

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