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A New Season of Strategy – A Word by Ryan Johnson


Recently, more than ever before, my heart has been burdened to know more of the authenticity of the Lord. Not that I haven’t been determined beforehand, but it was different this time as the burden began to grieve me in such a way that I have grown more and more dedicated in the purifying of the prophetic. It seems that words are a dime a dozen these days and the ability to process them all can be overwhelming. Granted, I do believe that the Lord is in many of these words. However, like so many other things, we have to weed out those words that have no anointing within the ones that do. Because I keep running through so many words that are often proclaimed to be prophetic, I often find myself feeling like I am reading a lot of the same words over and over again. So many people want to claim to be prophetic that they are releasing anything and everything that could potentially sound like a word from the Lord. Over the last couple of months, I found myself frustrated with words that weren’t necessarily new, but rearranged in a prettier package than the original author.
Please understand my heart with what I am saying. I am in no way implying that I am the standard on prophetic ministry. The standard is the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. His Word will always carry more weight than anything I could ever say. However, I do believe that with everything that has been coming with a force, it has created a lot of clutter and frustrations for a lot of individuals, including myself. I have found myself unable to process things with clarity. It seemed as though there had been a mass confusion going on in my mind and sight. Granted we know that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). And yet, it seems that many (including myself) have been struggling in what to do or where to go. It is as though we know something is before us, but we are unable to see what it is. At this moment, it’s just a gut check in our spirit that it’s there, but we don’t have the Understanding in order to apply the Wisdom and Knowledge. The confusion is not of the Lord, but we have to realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with a preconceived idea of confusion, and actually it has everything to do with what has been hidden, that we may know the revealed, in the Kairos time.
The Purpose
I have purposely sat quiet in the recent months to dwell more on the intimacy of my relationship with The Father. I wanted to be more in tune with His Voice over any distractions or hindrances that may have more of a voice in my daily life. Call it a time to clear my own thoughts and my own selfish desires. During this, I have recognized the purpose of it all.
It would come in a vision from the Lord as He began to show me a dry erase board that had been filled with a multitude of words and arrows pointing in every direction, and on that board those words are written in a foreign language. Ultimately it appears to be a cluttered mess that I had no understanding of due to my inability to read the language. In the vision, I sat in front of this board and became more and more frustrated because I knew that the words and signs meant something, but because of my inability to translate the language, it left me with my only choice is to wipe the board clean out of frustration. It’s now clean, but something within me knew that those words meant something. I can see the board now, but I don’t have any knowledge to what was the meaning of everything that was once there. Standing before a blank dry erase board will bring about clarity as there is nothing there to create a mass of confusion or mind games. However, that’s not why these kinds of boards were created. They are not designed to be wall art on a blank canvas. The dry-erase board is created to be used for a specific purpose.
The Word
I found myself standing before the blank board that once had foreign words on it and realized that I had allowed my frustrations to overtake my willingness to pursue revelation. The vision stayed with me for days as I tried to understand why this stayed with me so strongly. Then, the word from the LORD.
I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing a New Season of Strategy. I am bringing about a clarity to those who will have an ear to hear and they will not only hear the strategy, but they will see the plans unfold before them. What has been concealed will be revealed to those who are willing to hear beyond the language barrier as barriers are being removed. I am releasing new assignments that will be keys in unlocking the advancement of the Kingdom. What has been taking place, will now see the shift of the unknown come into the fullness of authenticity. I am releasing strategies that will release Angels in their assignments in the commissioning of this season. There will be an increase of sons who take their place from the field to the generals’ quarters. They will rise from the hidden places to take their position to detail the principals of strategy. Sons will rise to run with fathers. There will be an increase of promotions. There will be an increase of abundance. There will be an increase in Grace & Mercy. It’s a New Season of Strategy. What has appeared to be foreign will be translated into understanding. When the strategy is Understood, I will release the increase of Knowledge and Wisdom. You will see the language that has been hidden become the language of strategies for the advancing of My Kingdom. It’s a New Season Son! Rise up, take your place, and prepare yourself as I am positioning the Sons for the Season of Strategy and they will know the activation has been given unto them from Heaven.”
The Reality
Look, many of you have been in a time where it seems like things can easily become cluttered. The words are there, but you can’t make them out to be anything but letters. You have wanted so much more to understand and to realize what is happening. You have wanted to know the difference between what is happening now and what is going to take place soon. That’s why this word is so encouraging to our reality. I believe that the Lord is taking many on a journey of fresh revelations, but these aren’t like the ones before. I believe that the Lord is taking many on a journey where He is releasing STRATEGY. Do we get that? Do we understand what is possible when we have a strategy? I believe that this strategy will be what so many ministries have been waiting on. Many individuals have sought for keys to unlock regions, but had nothing on the drawing board. And yet…God is going to take you from the unknown to the advancement. What could you achieve with strategy? What could you no longer be limited too? With divine strategy being revealed, your activity will change according to clarity of what you are doing in your region.
You will step into the fullness of His Promises. You will come out of your wilderness. No more wondering. You will step into your inheritance. You will receive the strategy to overcome. You will shift with purpose as you prepare for His Glory. You will take each step in accordance to His plan to see Awakening become reality. Be encouraged! You are about to see a major shift in your strategy. You are becoming more effective for the Advancing of the Kingdom!

Ryan Johnson

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