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A New You Will Arise! – A Word by Karen C. Jones

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A New You Will Arise!
By Karen C. Jones

So many of God’s people are in the fight of their lives right now. There’s been an intense weariness because it’s been one battle after another battle. For some, it seems to be nonstop. Maybe you’re not one who’s going through the ringer right now, that’s glorious! You’re on a different journey of learning from the Lord. But today, I’m sent to speak into the lives of those who are going through relentless struggles, unbelievable pain and seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Father sees you. Father hears you. Father loves you.

Just recently, I went through Hurricane Barry as I live in a coastal parish (county) on the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. For a period of time, we experienced squall after squall for hours and hours because it was moving so slowly. To be clear, a squall is a sudden, violent gust of wind with rain. The winds were high enough to knock down trees and power lines producing widespread power outages.

This is what I feel is happening to some of you now. It feels like you are bending under the weight of pressure the storms in your life have brought against you. You feel like you have no power to withstand much more and you think you have little to no power to do anything about what you are facing.

I can tell you this, the enemy has come to weary you because there is something within you that is deadly to the kingdom of darkness. The hits that keep coming over and over are trying to confuse you in thinking you’re not effective in exercising your kingdom authority. The enemy is using what has been coming against you as a weapon of deception to make you think that this is the end. It is Not!!

Some of you are holding on by a thread and cannot take much more. But there is a King in you (Now why do you cry out aloud? Is there no king in you…Micah 4:9a NHEB) that will arise and roar with “Enough is enough!” In that moment when you agree with the King inside of you with heartfelt, fervency that you’ve had enough and you surrender to God’s kingdom coming in your life, bands will be broken and snapped asunder. You will come into your own that yes, you are at a new level and no defeated enemy can stop you from experiencing the victory Jesus has already won for you at this next level.

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There is a joy unspeakable that has been assigned to meet you right now. This joy that flows out of the heart of Jesus is flooding you and filling you with His strength and His ability to outlast, outmatch and overcome any and all storms!

Jesus still walks on water. He still controls the wind and the waves both naturally and spiritually. He just decides to do it now in you and through you. Arise, you’re not missing your moment because of what’s coming against you. Those storms are only there to introduce you to the person Jesus has been waiting for to come forth…the new you He’s been waiting to co work with so together greater works than what He did can be done through you.

Storms do cease. The new strengthened, wiser, humbled, powerful, compassionate you is arising. The One who said, “Peace be still” to the wind and waves is still speaking that to you right now. Take a deep breath. You’re not going under because there is a lifting for you.(Job 22:29).

The angels have been holding their breath because they’ve been waiting to hear the redeemed of the Lord say so and to see the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. Know the storms are only tools to build the temple of the Lord that will house the end time glory. Arise! The new glorified you is emerging!

“Rejoice not against me, O my enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light to me.” Micah 7:8 AKJV

Karen C. Jones

Email: [email protected]
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