A Pentecost Word – by Dr. Pam Morrison 

Dr. Pam Morrison is a pastor who has both led churches and also ministered in the inner city with recovering addicts as a pastoral counselor and as part of healing rooms. She has seen much healing, physical and inner healing. She loves ministering overseas and has had a special relationship with people in Cuba for many years. She is the author of “Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs.” Her website is pammorrisonministries.com and blog can be found at somebodytestify.blogspot.com. Her podcast with Charisma Podcast Network is Rooted by the Stream and will launch on April 14, 2020.
A Pentecost Word
by Dr. Pam Morrison 
I woke up the other day from a dream related to Pentecost. It was a brief dream but here is what the Lord showed me. It was a dream about preparing for the times we are in.
I first heard the Lord say. “Get your life in order.”
As I heard those words, I saw a row of glasses sitting on what appeared to be a fireplace mantle. The glasses had an E and an F on them. The E was for empty and the F stood for full. Interestingly, the E was actually at the half way point of each glass.
The glasses were being filled with water. I started to reach for a glass, but it was only partly full, at the E. I heard the Lord say a second thing and that was, “Wait!”
As I woke and began to ponder the dream, I was given this understanding:
God said, “To get your life in order,” means “put first things first.” Prioritize. Don’t let anything be a distraction or an unnecessary burden right now so that would draw you away from what I am pouring out. Even now the outpouring has begun and will continue to in this Pentecostal season and beyond.
“Streamline!” I felt He was saying to me. “Keep your eyes fixed on Me so that you may receive My powerful outpouring in this time. “
The glasses were sitting on a mantle, a place above a fireplace, fire being one symbol of the Holy Spirit, water being another. The glasses were higher than the fire. My sense was of a greater or higher level of anointing than we have known was being symbolized.
The glasses were being filled with water but interestingly even being half full was considered being empty. As I attempted to take one, I heard “wait.” I did not feel like the wait was for a long time but only for a “moment” longer, until the glass was filled to the brim.
The caution to “wait” was so that we would have all of what God desires to give us, all of that which is coming, not settling for what has already been enough, for former revival ways, or with a partial amount.
At the Acts 2 Pentecost, there was a wait (10 days). It was not long, but necessary. A time of attending to the Lord, a time of prayer. It was a time of letting Him prepare and then fill the disciples, according to His plans. And so it is now.
God does not want us to miss out on any part of all that is coming. Streamline and wait with all attention on the Lord until the fullness of time and the fullness of anointing is received. It is here. More is coming and it is glorious. When we burst out with this newness of life, the world will be stunned as they were in the days of the first Pentecost.
“But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 NIV
“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you…” Acts 1:8 NIV
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