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Prophetic Insight

A Prophetic Vision of Death Within Life – and Life in Death.

This morning the Lord began to reveal a vision of life… I see a vision of death, and life, and death yet again…

This vision was a call for the believers to rise up and release the life within while they have their time upon the earth.

The Lord is showing me people that are dying, being laid to rest, with eulogies spoken on their behalf… yet they are dying with untapped potential and life that was never released.

They are dead with the potential life, the potential dreams, the potential Kingdom realities dormant in the corpse.

In this vision I saw a whirlwind of books, CD’s, screenplays, inventions, and so much more circling around with true divine anointing – yet never released into the atmosphere, into the world, because although once alive – the people lived as if already dead.

So I invite you to ask yourself, “What potential is within you?” What great works of divine destiny are within you today? What assignments are within your realm as a child of the living God?

When you recognize that you have already been (past tense) blessed with all spiritual blessings – that the SAME spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within you – and you don’t have to ‘become’ because you already are!

“The spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will goive life to your mortal bodies by the same Spirit living within you.” – Romans 8:11  

Read that again – you do not have to become, you already are, and the protential is already within to be released.

Will you allow the dreams and desires within you to DIE and never be released into the world?

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Will you keep on dreaming and hoping to release your potential… Will you continue waiting and waiting until your dreams are laid to rest with your body in a casket of “one day”?

Your Heavenly father has called you to create and live a life of destiny! Today I urge you to call forth your destiny and allow your dreams and goals to come forth and to be released!

Imagine all of the great books, great movies, and every invention that we enjoy today – what if the authors, screenwriters, amd inventors simply allowed the dreams die with them.

What if the great reformers of the faith had simply given in to fear or procrastination and never released life within them into the world?  

I am urging you to move forward and release your potential and your dreams into the world!  You can do it, as you remember the promises of the word, and begin to recognize the spirit of God within your life, you shall accomplish greatness!

“I can do ALL things through Christ which stregthens me”- Phillipians 4:13

Tank the promise above from the word of God and today begin to not only dream, but accomplish that which lies within you.

Live a life of purpose and leave a destiny for the generations to come!

– Wayne Sutton

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