Prophetic Insight

A Prophetic Word for someone special today – A Word by Steve Porter


My Precious Child,

When everything seems to be going wrong, when you face drought and difficulties, trust Me.

Take joy in the God of your salvation,
Find your joy and peace in Me alone,
Not in what I do or don’t do,
What I permit or do not, for I am still the same God regardless of how things go.
Even when you don’t understand—
I am your strength, so derive your faith from who I Am,
Because I never change,
Nor does My love wane, even when you don’t understand.


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Walk the walk of faith, not based on what you see with your natural eyes, but on who I Am. Do you want to find peace, even in your unanswered questions? Then focus on My face, My love and My faithfulness as well as your identity in Me. For you are like hinds’ feet on high places, secure and never shaken as long as you are in Me.

Put your faith in My character in spite of what I do or don’t do. Don’t look with your natural eyes, but look with heaven’s eyes, the eyes of faith and fall in love with Me all over again…

“O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusts in you.” (Psalms 84:12)

Steve Porter

Call Forth Your Lazarus!

A Word by Dana Jarvis

The word of God is powerful. Nothing can stop, corner or prevent it. When God said, "Let there be light" there was light. When he spoke over Lazarus, the power of the grave could not resist his command when he said,

"Lazarus, Come Forth!"

Speak to your Lazarus to come forth. It may be dead, buried and stinking, but to him that believes, nothing shall be impossible. If Lazarus came forth, your situation can come forth, but first you must speak it forth with power. God said his word would not return void until it accomplished that which it was sent out to do.

Your situation may be powerful, but the Word of God is more powerful. The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword. When His Word goes forth it healed and delivered. It accomplished the mission for which it was sent to do.

Jesus said, "I Am the Resurrection and the Life!" The Resurrection is standing with you right now. He is giving you peace in the midst of your turbulence. He will calm you in the midst of pressures that threaten to swallow you. The King is with you, dry bones can live again. Tell everything dead and stinking in your life to come forth today. Speak to your Lazarus!

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