Spiritual Growth

A Second Wind Of Favor! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


The second wind is blowing! I hear the word, “Acceleration” and feel some things are beginning to move at such a rapid pace. God is pouring out of an open hand his promises and revelation! There is a double portion that is being released! All that has been stolen shall be restored! The doors of favor are opening and the walls of hindrance are falling.

He is bringing your “stuff” back to you. There is a shifting taking place. He is also shifting some mindsets because for some those minds need to be ready take back what is theirs and not be bound in defeat. There is a momentum building! God is releasing to you the hidden treasures. You shall be as well watered garden bearing such fruitfulness. The latter shall be greater than the former. The worry will not weigh heavily upon you. The second wind of favor is blowing and great measure of breakthrough you will have. Your Goliath shall be slain! Those dry bones will begin to take form. The voice with the sound of many waters is declaring this over you this day.

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