Prophetic Insight

“A Strong Wind is Blowing from Heaven. It’s Time to Rise Up” – A Word By Charles Phillips


We have entered a time when the wind of the Lord is blowing mightily into the earth realm and The Father is saying; “Catch this wind, rise up to soar above the power of this world and claim your inheritance.”

During this time of the Rushing Wind of Heaven I saw the Wind of the Lord rush into the earth, catch the wings of our spirit and push them out causing those who feel Him to rise and tread on the high places of the earth with the Lord. Many for the first time, will feel the strength of the Lord in ways that they have never experienced before. It will be upon these high places that The Father will show the greatness of His love for His Sons and they will be crowned with a Glory that will cause the Ekklesia to become the envy of Nations. (Is. 58:14) “then you will find your joy in the LORD, and I will cause you to ride in triumph on the heights of the land and to feast on the inheritance of your father Jacob.” The mouth of the LORD has spoken.”
As we rise above the power of this world and manifest as Sons of God in the Earth, (Romans 8:19) our influence in this time will rise also. This will produce the power to MANifest the Kingdom of God in the earth, breaking forever the power of darkness that many are bound by today.

“This is the time of the miraculous!”
“This is the time of the Harvest”


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The wind being released now from Heaven contains the power to finish strong and is causing Sons of God to rise to heights that no other generation has ever seen before. In Acts 2 we can see this wind entered the room producing a fire upon the 120 that spilled out into the city resulting in a great harvest. 3000 people were saved that day!
Get ready for Pentecost: As we get ready to enter the Feast of Pentecost (Feast of Weeks) we can enter with great expectation knowing that our Father wants to bring Fire once again to expectant hearts filled with passion and fresh encounter. I heard the Lord say; “Be ready for the supernatural. Adjust your thinking (perception) now so you will be ready to move when you feel the wind blowing into your spirit.”

“Live from the SUPERnatural”

Don’t be conformed to this world! Refuse to allow the enemy to create patterns of thought through disappointment or trauma. Allow the Holy Spirit to identify these areas and put God’s finger on them, exposing them and rendering them powerless in your life. We must learn to live from the SUPERnatural and never allow ourselves to ever be mediocre or passionless again. We are made to be glorious and burn in His Presence. We are carriers of Glory; God Containers! Get ready for fresh fire!

Charles Phillips
Apostolic Leader
Gateway International Church
Charles Phillips is the Senior Apostolic Leader of Gateway International Church and Founder of IGNITE River Valley located in Roland,Oklahoma. Charles & Khristi are also serving as County Leaders for HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer network) under Apostle John Benefeil. Charles is married to Khristi with 2 amazing Children; Meagan & Landon



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