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Prophetic Insight

A TIME OF GREAT ANTICIPATION! -A Word by Anne Marie Molster & Amie Rogers


There seems to be a higher level of anticipation than ever before for those
believing for breakthrough in their lives. Whether one hopes to come
through the other side of a current circumstance, needs deeper healing,
desires to be in full time ministry or advance in their next level of
gifting, is in need of resources or wants to find restoration in a
relationship; they most likely are feeling like they are at the tipping
point where everything will fall into place. As small details are beginning
to lean in their favor, it is easy to see that with one swift move of God’s
hand, their lives are on the verge of changing for their good very quickly.

If you have detected such a shift, you have more than likely noticed that
even minor changes in your reality are beginning to align. While the enemy
has tried to manipulate you into believing that the worst case scenario is
about to happen, God has taken full control by altering the outcome.

God sees your deep desire to serve Him and it pleases Him. He understands
what it will take for you to carry out His will. Whatever it is that you
need, He is guaranteeing you will receive it. What He gives you, shall
never fall short or run out. The only thing He is seeking is that your
confidence remain in Him. Lean not on your own wisdom and knowledge during
this time, but continue to turn to Him with every step you take. He will
guide you to the exact place He wants you to be. You will finally be
capable of accomplishing all the things God Himself mandated over you since
the beginning of time.

Others will have no recourse to speak against you. God’s nature shall be
seen through your actions and heard in your words. His faithfulness over
you will be witnessed by many and they will begin to celebrate you. Your
joy will be contagious, silencing the voices of naysayers. Their slander
will cease as they begin to hear God’s desire for your destiny. Their words
will shift to ones that are uplifting. They will edify and encourage you as
you move forward to accomplish what God has placed in your hands. They will
not understand how quickly and drastically their outlook has changed –
simply because they are overwhelmed by the glory of God that surrounds you.
(1 Chronicles 12:15-17NLT)

“We are yours, David! We are on your side, son of Jesse. Peace and
prosperity be with you, and success to all who help you, for your God is
the one who helps you.” (1 Chronicles 12:18)

The Lord says, “Your days ahead are so much brighter than your past. I have
pulled you from the muck and mire. I have cleansed your spirit, mind and
body. Through every endeavor you faced, I purified you; your heart, your
mind and your spirit. You are worthy of My goodness. Therefore I shall pour
it upon you in abundance!

You will light up the world with the fire I have placed within you; causing
others to fan the flames of their faith and burn for Me, too. I am pleased
with you for staying true to your call, never giving up or throwing in the
towel, simply because things didn’t go your way.

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Your love for Me was never based on the blessings you received, but based
on the love you received directly from My heart. Therefore, I am honoring
your requests. I am answering your prayers. I am making all things right
for you, so that you may prosper in every way. You will give freely of your
time, wisdom, knowledge and resources so that others come to know Me
through you.

You are the apple of My eye, My chosen one, one whom I am so proud of. Well
done my good and faithful servant! You have made great use of your days!
Your reward is here! Your time has come! There will be no further waiting!
Today is the day that you will walk into the newness of life I have given
you! The path has been cleared! Walk freely, always remaining steadfast in
My truth, never allowing anyone to take away what is rightfully your’s. It
is not their right; I am making it known!

You will have My protection to your right and your left, above and below. I
will send angels to guard you. I have covered you with My wing. I will keep
you close as you go far – far in the direction of your destiny!”

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings”
Psalm 17:8 NIV

“Go forth into your Promised Land. The gates are open and you are welcome
to begin to make your forever home there. You shall be sustained in this
place as you wait on My return and for the Kingdom of Heaven to descend,
fulfilling My plan of a new Earth. A place where we will rejoice in all
things, together for eternity.” (Revelation 21)

As your anticipation grows in the days to come, realize that there is no
turning back. Walk into your land! Possess it! God has brought you this far
for His purpose. It’s time to live it out – just as He has planned it!

Anne Marie Molster & Amie Rogers

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