A Violent Anointing For Prayer In 5782 – A word by Jo Ellen Stevens

Jo Ellen Stevens is a Prophetic speaker, author, worshiper and  intercessor. She has ministered with her husband for 27 years and has been a worship leader. Jo Ellen has taught many Bible studies and have led many intercessory prayer groups. For full bio visit: dstevens7.wixsite.com/tcic/bio

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A Violent Anointing For Prayer In 5782 – A word by Jo Ellen Stevens

Jo Ellen Stevens

Email: [email protected]gmail.com

Two nights ago I was asleep on my couch and my husband was in the living room with me when all of a sudden, I started dreaming that I was before a prayer group and I told them to start praying for their loved ones. In the dream, I began sensing a great burden to pray for our grown children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I said to this group of intercessors…”PRAY OUT LOUD AND NAME THE LOVED ONE THAT YOU HAVE ON YOUR HEART!”


Suddenly, this intense loud prayer began to come forth out of my mouth for a loved one that has had a call on their life but struggles with drug addiction and is now in prison. I began to pray in tongues, then I began to plead the blood over them! I then was telling the spirits that have this person bound to loose them and let them go! This was so strong that I came to myself sitting straight up on the couch and I could feel the Holy Spirit interceding through me even when I woke up!

The strange thing was. I felt like I was doing this in my dream but I woke myself up in that position yelling these decrees and my husband said that the whole time he could hear me loud and clear! On awakening I heard the Lord say “the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” from Matthew 11:12.


I sense the Lord saying that He is about to bring a VIOLENT ANOINTING for prayer upon many intercessors to pray for their friends, family and Nation in the Hebrew year 5782. He said, This is a time that the violent will take the kingdom by force! Only this anointing for prayer will be because you have said “LORD USE ME!” My Spirit is about to come upon you when you least expect it and do what you have asked me to do and because you said yes to me a long time ago, I will use you for such a time as this! I am ever interceding but… I AM THE INTERCESSOR WHO DWELLS IN YOU! And all I need is your YES LORD to have access to begin to pray through you!


“So lift up your heads oh you gates and be lift up you everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come into all paces and to all people for whom you pray! Yes you are the gates and the doors through which the King will enter! I just need a vessel to decree what I already paid for!”

Arise, Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens

TCIC Ministries

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