Spirit Fuel Invites You To Give An Offering Today

Do you enjoy Spirit Fuel? It takes a dedicated team to keep this ministry up and running. It is good soil to sow into! God bless you as you give right now in this special moment!

Prophetic Insight

A Walk in the Cool of the Day

!gardenThough there are mountains all around you, the Lord is leveling the mountains, bringing the Son-shine back into your life again. That which has been hidden will be revealed, all that has been lost will be found. That which was meant to bring harm to you will be turned back. My children will be justified, and reconciled in all things, justice will be their portion.

I hear the Lord saying, “I am opening the windows of Heaven over your house, your city and your state. Those things which you have asked, decreed and called forth the Lord says they are coming, prepare to receive.”

Many have closed their doors to Me. My people are here and there and everywhere, scattered to and fro. I am gathering them into the city. I am opening doors for My own and allowing My children breathe the breath of God again. Breathe in the refreshing from Heaven. Walk out a little deeper, do not fear. I see your hunger. Though many around you have not exhibited that same hunger, I have seen your hunger and I will honor it by releasing to you fresh manna from Heaven. As you have looked to Me and not to the ways of the world nor to man, look for provision of your requests to be honored because of your faith in Me.

I am leveling mountains and allowing for a time of refreshing. Come together to worship in freedom and in peace. The portals of heaven are open over your cities and those that can see, those who have eyes and ears, to see and hear will be the ones who show up at the right place and at the right time. I am bringing a people together of like heart, mind and soul who have sought after Me alone in the night hours, hungering after righteousness and truth.

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Look for change. My children are blessed with many blessings of promise. Blessed in the field and blessed in the city. There will be provision, there is no lack any longer for those who have set their eyes upon Me says the Lord. To you, who have known My name, I am pouring out blessings that you will not be able to contain. All that has been, even that which seemed evil, will be turned around to bless you. Stay free, do not go the way many have chosen, do not depart from My word as many have, but seek Me diligently for truth in this hour. I have called you to freedom! You, whom the Son has set free, are FREE indeed.

Be still, My little children. Come, back to the Garden, and let Me reveal the closeness of a walk in the cool of the day, even as I walked with Adam, I will walk and talk with you. This day I bring you refreshing. Everything that has been a hindrance to you on this journey, put it behind you. Every success and every failure, let it go. That which is ahead of you will far outweigh all that has been a hindrance you in the past. Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
December 10, 2013

September Prayer Force!

A word from Spirit Fuel:

Dear Spirit Fuel Family,

We need your help to get through during the month of September with your prayers and support. It takes a dedicated team and resources to keep us going. Thank you in advance for your gift of any amount! Pray and ask the Lord if there is a specific amount He would have you sow at this time.


If you prefer to mail in your contribution, please send a check to the following mailing address:

Spirit Fuel, P.O. Box 2134 Lake City, Florida 32055

Your contribution is a love-gift to Spirit Fueled, LLC and is not considered a payment for services, or a charitable contribution. The ministry is not a non-profit organization and therefore all gifts are not tax deductible. Thank you for your support.

Gail, first and foremost is a Lover of God,moving in the Word of Wisdom, Prophetic Insight. Her hearts desire is for the Body of Christ to be Encouraged, Healed and Revived. Anything less will not do, she and her husband operate a ministry of Interecession. Declaring hope, health and healing for anyone and everyone in need. The Power and Presence Ministry is a ministry of Intercession for preparation for the next great move of God soon to invade the earth. She is a homemaker, a mother of four. Also a Published Author, and an Artist in her spare time.