Dawn Baker, Canadian born Warrior living in the United States is a single mom who could have just as easily been a statistic; BUT GOD has used her to affect physicians and medical communities in the United States for 25 years owning her own business Integrity Physicians. She’s had one passion which drives her, ‘that everyone would meet her JESUS’ because they’d find HE IS IRRESISTIBLE!

A Word for Mothers, “Prodigals Return”. – A Word by Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker
Email: dawnbaker@integrityphysicians.com

This year at a time when Hell is making it’s full out attempt against birthing, I sense The Father wanting to pull mothers up close to His heart with special comfort. Mother’s Day is a day where the world honors the one who gave them life; but, there are many, like me, who have prodigals. Holy Spirit whispered that word, ‘prodigal’, to me as I watched my only child turn, walk away and leave me, her friends and all she knew. If you’re currently there, or you’ve been there, you know that gut wrenching, life changing feeling. But, while tears flowed freely down my face, and my heart felt as if it would shatter beyond repair, Holy Spirit sweetly whispered, ‘prodigals return’.

Up late last week Father reminded me of the words He spoke to me when I was only 16, “Just remember, hold on to My hand”; then I heard Him say real time, “Are you still holding?  Of course He knows I am so it was a cheeky grin I sensed between us. He continued, “Am I a thief or a liar? Don’t I always return Harvest for seed sown? Have I not promised to fit ‘all things’ into My Master plan for your good? Trust Me; all things are working together for your good.

“You have given Me your very best gift, just as I gave you My Son; both seed. I AM Lord of The Harvest. Will I withhold anything from you when you’ve withheld nothing from Me? I AM a good Father who delights to shower goodness on My children. How will the world know Me? Will it be through sermons? Great orators espousing the scriptures? NO! A thousand times ‘NO!’ It is My goodness that draws all mankind back to Me.

“I have allowed every happening in your life. I know it has not been easy. I weep with those who weep. There is power in your tears. I have collected every single one; not one tear has fallen that I have not seen and captured. I have given you My Word that your pain will not be in vain.

“Your willingness to give Me your everything has gained you great position in My courts.

“The unity about to manifest will baffle the wisest scholars. The prodigals are returning. Your children will come again and rejoicing will be heard far and wide. I will use everything to bring about a move unlike any before, returning the hearts of the children. Remember, I sent My Son into the world too and He returned. Even now, we are One. Soon you too will be one with those I have given you. Be of good courage. My Word will NOT return void. I Am faithful.”

“Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy. He who goes out weeping, bearing a trail of seed, will surely return with shouts of joy, carrying sheaves of grain.” Psalm 126:5-6

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