Reverend Josephine Marie (Jo) Lover of God, Worshiper, author, and conference speaker, Prophet, teacher, evangelist, musician. Attended Elim Bible Institute and College. Ordained and licensed since since late 90’s. Now ordained under her own ministry, Flames of Fire, Inc., a now Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry.

Jo also was former Vice President of the Mendon Fire District Auxiliary, in Mendon, NY. Now on exempt status.

Former ‘ influencer ‘ at Elim Life Church , also former after service ministry Prayer Deacon at New Hope Fellowship, East Bloomfield, NY. Former Area Team Member for San Diego, Ca. Women’s Aglow. Former Facility Chairperson for Camp Rainbow Women’s Correctional Facility, Fallbrook, Ca. under Women’s Aglow, and also her own ministry, Setting the Captives Free, Deliverance Ministry. She is also former Associate Director of a Greater Rochester Healing Rooms. She is also a NYS and California, licensed and Registered Professional Nurse, and former California Realtor and Notary.


A Word For Now – Josephine Marie Ayers

Josephine Marie Ayers

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I sense the LORD is shifting , changing , rea ligning, closing doors and opening new ones.

For most of us, change is not a ‘ good ‘ word! We all tend to gravitate to the ‘ norm’.

Fear of Change I believe is one of the biggest weapons the enemy , uses with us. We become, ‘ stuck and stagnate’. When in reality the Christian walk is all about , ‘ change’. If we are not changing , we likely have something ‘ dead’ in our lives. Isn’t that what part of revival means. reviving something or someone that has been either ‘ spiritually dead’, or stale. If you want revival you have to want CHANGE! It starts on an individual level. 

I felt prompted to address this with a true story. I sense also that GOD is about to ‘ shake things up’, as a method to catapult many to a new level. So “FEAR NOT”, and embrace what to some may look like losses, to move us to our end time destinies ! God uses all methods to achieve His plans, Romans 8:28! 
“Do not be afraid of the pot I am putting you into” Says the LORD!

Several years ago my younger son gave me a Aloe Vera plant, (type of succulent whose juice is frequently used for burns).

The plant was about an inch and a half tall, in a very small, homemade pottery planter. I kept this for years, and I mean years. We moved it with us to California. It sat on my kitchen counter, and it stayed the same for years, absolutely no growth, but was still alive. It even got pulled out of the dirt a couple of times, replanted, but still remained changeless.

One day I inquired of the LORD, ‘Why is this plant never shown any growth’? He impressed on me to get a very, very large planter, the kind you put on the floor. I did so, filled it with potting soil, and stuck that little inch and a half Aloe Vera plant in there. If the plant could think it might have felt overwhelmed at the size of this planter, or felt lost in a sea of dirt.

Within a couple of weeks it started to grow, and fast. Soon it over took the pot, and had multiple babies on it. Now I had many plants off the main plant, which was not longer and inch and a half. My cup ran over with Aloe Vera and I began to give them away as gifts.

What the LORD showed me was that growth could not happen without expansion, and that many in the Body are being promoted, but the “pot “that is coming their way, has overwhelmed them. He went on to say that fear of the unknown was their biggest enemy, not lack of anointing. The LORD went on again, that some will stay in their “pots’ with the old dirt, and some will march out in faith, not knowing how this can all be. They will miss the fullness of what He has for them because of fear, and unbelief. They would be blessed, but the ones that embraced the process, who went all out with the amazingly large and audacious dreams and visions, God put in their hearts, fearlessly, would be doubly blessed.

The LORD says,” I cannot multiply you without faith, and trust in Me. I have new territory for you, with fresh soil to take back ground for My Kingdom. Do not be afraid because the provision is already there, you have merely to step out and let Me replant you and expand and multiply you and your tents. I want to share your gifts with many” So let us step up to the plate and let Him knock it out of the park.

Hebrews 11:1

1 John 2:27

Philippians 4:19

Isaiah 41:10

Romans *

Josephine M Ayers

Flames of Fire Ministries

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