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A Word For the Five-Fold Ministry – A word by Demontae Edmonds

Demontae Edmonds

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Dear believers,
God has had me to pray this week for the strengthening of the Body of Christ and elevation of the five-fold ministry gifts. God begin to download prophetic words and decrees to release over each of the ministry offices. As God moves us closer to the promised and prophesied next wave of great outpouring and apostolic move of God in the Earth the alignment of the ascension gifts with the plans and purposes of God is of great necessity.
Ephesians 4:11 “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.”
The Apostle
The Lord says I will grant unto my servants the tools to build. I call these ones my builders. I will teach them how to build not from a place of domination, control, and intimidation but from humility and servant-hood. The Lord says that I will take these by the rough path and the rough way. Many will throw up there hands and say “God why me? Why did you call me to such a ministry.” The Lord says because I’m teaching to how to build sometimes with little help, little resources, and little support. You will learn to build by my supernatural wisdom and my supernatural faith. I’m sending you sons and daughters who have been wounded, disappointed, and broken. Taking you by the rough way will allow My Spirit to create a deep well of compassion for those that are broken. You will comfort these leaders that I send your way with the same comfort that I have given you. (2 COR 1:4).
As I enlarge your wisdom and faith resources and support will be released to you at the appointed time. Apostolic finances will be released to you at the appointed time that as you are led by My Spirit you will mobilize the army of God. God says I’m giving my apostles a greater revelation of Me through open visions and heavenly encounters that will cause them to see and hear into My plans and purposes from a higher realm. I will show you how to not only build but to mobilize and equip the End Time Army of God. Those that align with My heart and vision for mankind will receive an increased supernatural grace for signs and wonders. These will not only give proof of My Son’s resurrection, they will lend credence to the divine mandate that I have placed upon your life to equip, unite, and mobilize the Body of Christ. I call you to delegate authority. I call you to delegate who will stand in positions of influence within the world systems. I call you to delegate for my vision of a great harvest of souls.
The Prophet
The Lord says these are my precious jewels and precious gems. I have seen the plots and schemes of the enemy to weaken and corrupt this ministry office. I shall raise up a new standard in the prophetic office and prophetic role. Those who have stayed in the wilderness and stayed in the time of being processed by My Spirit until the time of their unveiling. Many have allowed their gifts to take them where their character could not sustain them. Even as John the Baptist was in the desert places until the time of his revealing (Luke 1:80) I will reserve unto myself those will humbly submit to my inner workings in them before they allow man or ambition to put them in the forefront. These will be my prophetic who will not only have a great display of gifting and accuracy; but walk in humility and love. They will speak the truth in love to powers, systems, and seats of authority. It will be the love and fear of the Lord that will turn the hearts of men and leaders to repent. I’m raising up prophets who will live a life-style of holiness to call my people back into a place of consecration and seeking My face. The prophets shall be the ones that not draw men until themselves but teach them to hear from God for their own lives, their own families, and their own ministries. Unusual accuracy will begin to flow through the mantles of many prophets that will even baffle the psychics and soothsayers. Things hid from the Kingdom of darkness and occult realm will be made known to the eagle eyed prophets and strong seers. This will grab the attention of those in even the secular arena who will know that the God of Heaven has the answers they need. God says many of my prophets desire to soar like eagles but there wings have been clipped. Many have been rejected, misunderstood, and unfathered. By divine revelation I’m making known to you the apostolic leaders and spiritual fathers/mothers that you are to align with in this hour that will not only help sharpen your divine abilities but bring healing to your wound heart. They will speak life into you that will cause you to soar again and see beyond your present circumstances and frustrations. The Lord says I’m placing prophets in the marketplace, in the business arenas, in the government, in the school systems, in the courtrooms and in the media. They will be my secret and strategic weapon to bring change into places where My Name is not named.
The Evangelist
The Lord says there was a day when the evangelist where my bread and butter. Many have neglected this calling on their life and stepped falsely into other offices. I’m RE-CALLING many of my servants who are trying to operate as prophets and pastors to their true and original calling. I will begin to make them feel uncomfortable and uneasy in their roles until they embrace the true calling upon their life. I will speak to them through dreams and visions about going outside of the four-walls of the church. I will speak to them about reaching the unchurched, lost, and dying. As they re-align themselves with my true hearts intent for them they will begin to reap fruit and a harvest they have never experienced before.
I saw in a vision a man with a cluster of grapes in his hand. He looked at it and was amazed. Many of my servants when they embrace their calling will reap so much fruit it will amaze them. They will know that my hand is upon them to plunder Hell. God says I have a treasure chest reserved for my soul winners. It is filled with creative ideas and strategies to win souls, to win back slider, to convince the atheist of My love, and to melt hard hearts with My goodness. I will download dramas, skits, movies, blogs, messages, campaigns, and other such creative ideas that will be anointed by My Spirit as evangelistic tools.
God says great miracles will happen in the streets and marketplace through my soul-winners. I will give them a fire not only to win souls but to stir up that same passion and zeal within the churches. No longer will allow my soul-winners to boxed in, stagnate, and placed on the side-lines. I’m sending a fresh wind to many of the God-called evangelist in this season. They shall learn how to work with the pastors and churches to bring in the harvest together.
The Pastors
The Lord said many of my pastors are wounded warriors who continue to serve on the front lines. I have seen your labor of love, I have seen your sacrifices, I have seen your faithfulness, and I have see your brokenness. There is healing balm extending from My hand to bring healing to your heart and restoration to your soul. Even as your experience my healing power it will free you from bondages that have held you captivity. You will no longer preach liberty to the people and be bound yourself. I decree even as you are made whole a new liberty and freedom shall flow to your congregations releasing a new joy, peace, and unity. The Lord says I shall teach you how to pastor just not out of your own ability and compassion but my divine grace. Remember that I have spoken (Matthew 11:30) “My yoke is easy and My burden is light”
The Lord says I’m releasing a revelation of community to pastors. They will grab hold of the vision to work with other pastors and leaders to bring change into their local communities. There will be stronger teaching on this grace and anointing to shepherd that will unlock many pastors who have been taught to wait for pulpit or pastor vacancy to open up. The pastoral grace will flow through the life of those who disciple cell groups, pastors in schools, pastors in the prison systems, and pastors in the military. No longer will one wait 10-20 years for a pastoral job to open up but begin to shepherd those that are broken and in need of direction and counsel right in their community. For many the revelation of pastor won’t be about in title but be in deed –
There is a special grace being released to many to shepherd the next generation. A grace that youth who have come from fractured homes and families will feel free to be transparent and vulnerable with these who have that special grace. For some being a pastor to youth is not about your age or youthfulness but about the supernatural grace upon your life. Even into their older years this grace will still be present to reach the next generation. Do not view being youth pastor as just a stepping stone into being a senior pastor. For some it is where your grace will function the strongest and bear the most fruit.
The Teacher
These are those that the Word of God is hid deeply in their hearts. I will cause my teachers to not only be able to rightly divide the Word through careful study and prayer but to teacher under a spirit revelation. The Lord says I will raise up those teachers who shall be anointed with the spirit of revelation that they will excavate Scriptures and pull out nuggets hidden for such a time as this. Many will say “Its been there the whole time in the Word of God and I have never seen it that way before!” These will be supernatural keys needed to appropriate the wealth of Heaven. As the prophets are being used to prophesy the “next” and the unfolding plan of God, My teachers will be those who build up believers through the Word of God to be able to walk into the fullness of God.
There will be those teachers who will be gifted to teach heavily in one or two special areas of the Kingdom of God. Some will be gifted specifically to teach on the plan of salvation. Some gifted to teach on finances. Some gifted to teach on matters of the heart. I will give these teachers special signs and grace to accompany the teaching of the Word. Have I not said in my Word that my word shall not return void . My Body will not be weak in one area and strong in another. I’m raising up teachers who shall expound the full counsel of God that healing, prosperity, and maturity would be within My Body.
Search it out says the Spirit of the Lord. For I shall bring dreams in the night and visions in symbolic language of those things that I would have my teachers to teach. As you search out the symbols and metaphors in these dreams in visions they will align perfect with My Word. These teachings will be exactly what My Body needs at the time that I give these divine revelations. You will no longer teach only from the Logos of the word but behold open your heart unto me and I will give you a Living Word, a Rhema word, to teach from says the Lord.
Isaiah 28:10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”
The Lord lead your leads into your perfect truth. God give us a new love for Jesus Christ that will cause us to walk in a greater degree of our God-given identity. Father touch our hearts that we would hunger and thirst to walk in the fullness of what you have designed for your believers. Lord strengthen your leadership that they will do ten times more for you in this season. We ask you in Jesus Christ name for a fresh revelation and fresh anointing that we may fulfill your will in this hour.
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