A Word For The Remnant – The Season Of Finding Family & Fighting For The Family – A Word by Nate Johnston

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A Word For The Remnant – The Season Of Finding Family & Fighting For The Family – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

Email: [email protected]everydayrevivalists.com

Remnant, I have a word from the Lord’s heart for you to encourage you. For the last few months I have sensed that God is getting people into position for new assignments and positions leading into 2022.

I have seen the sudden bursting at the seams of innovation, strategies, and movements to be birthed that have started to erupt after such a battled season of contention and delay.

I have felt the urgency of the hour to begin to build and counteract the demonic games at play in the earth and the desire of the Lord to send His shakers and ground breakers into the hardest mission fields where few dare to go.

We are at a new foundational stage as the army gathers. I see them springing up from the woodworks of life. Many who used to follow the “sheep-herd” are now following the shepherd and have begun their awakening quest to the frontlines.

I have felt this.. but the more I peer into this space with the Lord I keep getting greater clarity of this “deeper” layer and focus on God’s heart that I want to speak into.


Assignments are waiting, yes, blueprints are ready, yes, purpose is being awoken, yes, but what is this foundation that joins all these together that is the main focus on the Lords heart? FAMILY…

Because this move of God right now in its infancy is.. FAMILY, and it’s going to start with families on the frontlines.

Why? Because the war of the kingdom of darkness right now is against the family..

Its been raging to continue aborting and killing our most vulnerable in the womb and desensitize us and tell us it’s ok. It’s been raging to destroy God given Identity and increase gender confusion. It’s been raging to increase the destruction of marriages and safety in the home. It’s been waging to expose children to evil and convince them it’s good, and it’s been raging to remove the FATHER from the picture altogether and send the world into dysfunction and chaos.


It’s been warring to silence and censor TRUTH of Gods heart, morals, and design. And it’s raging to get the church to lay down it’s sword so it doesn’t continue to stand and defend it.

That’s how the world looks right now, but that’s only part of the picture. A REMNANT – a set aside people have been prepared for this very moment.

No, you weren’t left out and cast aside, you were PROTECTED & PRESERVED for this hour.

You have been set apart to be the rudder of the ship leading the church into her correct course, guiding the way, exposing the counterfeit, and revealing  the true heart of the Father to the nations.

You have been called to bring Jesus amidst confusion.  Where culture has crept in to the pulpit. Where evil is being called good, you are the standard. Where the family is being torn to shreds you stand in the gap and lead your family well. Where injustices are being swept under the carpet you are the weighs and balances. Where nations are falling by the wayside you have a voice and God has reserved you and preserved you for a role or influence in this hour of history.

Micah 5:8 says;

“The remnant of Jacob will be among the nations,

    in the midst of many peoples,

like a lion among the beasts of the forest,

    like a young lion among flocks of sheep,

which mauls and mangles as it goes,

    and no one can rescue.”


Remnant… oh remnant, you have been born for such a time as this! Like Esther ho separated herself, to purify herself, to surrender her ideals and motives to the at the threshing floor, and pick up the fiery baton of the Kings mandate of the hour. I see you and you look beautiful.

I have seen you wrestle this process the mess of this season. I have seen you fall on your knees a thousand times and want to give up on the hard road you have walked.

I have seen you die a hundred deaths in the fires of adversity and persecution. I have seen you enter the cocoon of the Lords refinery and emerge with new wings. New at first and feeling unsure and still remembering the pain of the past season but carrying new wings none the less. Do you feel them yet? No? You soon will.

You have been In the deepest metamorphosis of your life so far – prepared for a divine purpose that is about to be revealed and all around you are others who have been prepared for this very same thing.


Now let me address the ones who felt like they died in this past season. Yes you! I see you. The lord has NOT forgotten you!

I saw you with nothing left yet still hanging onto the threads of Jesus’ garment. I know you have faced countless nights enduring the tormenting voice of the enemy screaming at you to give up and retreat, and you wanted to, but you knew the cost. You knew what was at stake so you stood. Against all odds, you stood.

Remnant, I know the process you have been through. I know it felt final. I know it meant closure on many things that you didn’t understand. I know the door slammed shut and it caught you by surprise.

Those people you wanted to come with you into the cocoon but just weren’t ready to come. They just weren’t at that place and you can’t beat yourself up over it anymore. In fact if you continued with them you would have been unequally yoked and sent further into bondage.

I saw the COST of this season has been more than all your life’s warfare combined. I know many of you faced endless locusts and plagues and even felt abandoned by God. “Job, you said. I feel like Job! But Lord you restored Job so many times over! Will you do the same for me?” And I hear 2 Samuel 22:25 “Therefore the Lord has recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to my cleanness before His eyes”.

There will be a RECOMPENSE!

In this move of the Spirit begin to expect the places of your own family devastation and broken promises to live again. God is moving corporately with His remnant to see the waste places raised up again!


There is something special and unique, and UNEXPECTED that is taking place right now.

We have all felt this for years and have felt the pull to press in for and pioneer community in ways we haven’t seen but RIGHT NOW is a very strategic moment in that process.

Eagles nests are springing up. Homes are becoming gathering places for more than prayer nights and bible studies. People are coming together to discuss their mission plans.

The eagles nests are forming and they will NOT look like the eagles nests of old. They will not be breeding grounds for mans ways parading as Godly. Nor will they be barracks for soldiers forming to carry out a mission, but they will be home bases for the eagles to find rest, family, and refreshing. They will be places to be ncouraged, armed, equipped, and sent back out!

I feel like those who have been long term lone rangers – God is speaking to you the most right bow. Your paradigm is changing quickly. You left those people because they bullied and shut you down. They rejected you and alienated you and tried to prevent you from your calling. I get it. The Lone Ranger life is safer and less drama but the loneliness has become a wounding to you in this past year. Like a deep stabbing sorrow in your heart that you can’t seem to escape.

Let me tell you the very crux of this word and why I am delivering it to you right now.. you are the remnant, the set aside one. Not the rejected or forgotten or passed over. Let that lie fall off you right now. You are a carrier of something precious, so precious in fact that few could fathom or understand it. You are a fragrance in the Lords hand and those unaccustomed to the scent did not accept you. BUT.. remnant… YOUR LONELY ISOLATION DAYS ARE OVER BECAUSE I SEE YOUR TRIBE RUNNING TO YOU!


We are in a season that is important part of any militant process, it’s the Lord aligning his regiment. The church has been out of order and open to attack but the remnant, the 300, the Gideon’s army, or however many they may be are coming into formation. That is where we are at:

  • It’s the sudden detaching from a relational alignment you were in
  • It’s the sudden pulling away from a direction you were going in
  • It’s the sudden lift of grace from an affiliation that there was once grace on.
  • It’s the sudden knitting of hearts with people you didn’t expect or imagine.
  • It’s suddenly being surrounded by like minded and equally yoked people.
  • Its the suddenly of things that didn’t connect before connecting and clicking because of the new alignments.
  • It’s their grace coming upon you and opening the door you needed opened. Why? Cos only family does that and that’s where we are going.

Moses needed people to hold up his arms in battle and you need that too in this next season. Alone you fell on your face too many times but this next season remnant you will have people holding you up and carrying you over the finish line!

At a friends ministry event recently I kept seeing the word “SYNDICATE”. Google Dictionary defines the word syndicate as “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.”

What is our common goal? To exalt the name of Jesus in the earth and usher in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! It’s Isaiah 61. It’s setting the captives free. It’s being the voices of TRUTH in this time of counterfeits. It’s choosing the narrow road when the mega highway of apathy and cultural selling out opens up. It’s realizing that the mountains of influence have been hijacked by imposters and we need to take them back!

We are the ones standing at the breach and broadcasting truth to those who a veiled and in bondage! This is who we are. Well done for standing. Well done for keeping your course.

After I heard the word SYNDICATE I saw a vision of many components coming together, like different mechanical cogs and pieces all flying in from left and right. They were all pieces that wouldn’t normally fit together but to my amazement – they did!

This is the time where the remnant needs to unite. Join forces. Brands and empires need to take a back seat to brotherhood and the cause to be one voice. We need to lay down competition and take down the giants on the land or there will not be a future for the generations to come.

Remnant, your tribe is coming and it will be MAGNETIC.. they won’t despise you, they will be drawn to you! They won’t compete with you, they will pour into you! Remnant find your people, open that space, prepare that table, and let’s RUN together!

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