A Word For Those Who Feel Backed Into A Corner – A Word by Nate Johnston

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A Word For Those Who Feel Backed Into A Corner – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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This is for those who feel backed into a corner:

I saw people being pushed into a place of confinement by the enemy where it felt like in every situation and circumstance there was no way out.

I saw the impossibilities on every side and the end of the road signs around those who had been pursuing the faith journey.

I saw the extreme mental battle in the month of June where breaking point reached a whole new level of intensity and the taunts of warfare were deafening.

I saw the decisions in front of people – “do we choose faith or retreat?” “But I’m tired and I just need to enter into rest!” many have said.

I saw the torment of shame, condemnation, and failure looming like they had messed up along the way and were not going to see what God promised fulfilled.

I saw voices begin to shut down and go into internal dissolution of God given assignments because the pressing and bullying had become so severe.

But then I saw it… the enemy had overplayed his hand with this forceful and obvious move because in this state of extreme pressing something switched.

The people of God began to rise up in their state of extreme onslaught – they found a fire and fight in them they didn’t even know they had.

Like a hidden reserve of courage and with a jail breaking anointing they stood up and said “NO!” In the face of the intimidating spirit, and the tide shifted.

Right now many are feeling this crushing and pressing but through it is awakening a fire in you that the enemy will have wished he hadn’t.

You will soon see that you aren’t stuck or limited like you thought, but God is making a way for you in every area you thought was beyond aid.

This assignment has been the spirit of bondage and control sent to confront the freedom of the spirit breaking out over your life but I keep hearing 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” because this is a season where the promise before you is “Go, run, and pursue, stretch your tent pegs, expand, and move!.”

We are in a time where every freedom is being contested by the enemy and he is trying to establish and normalize control and limitations but you will not come under that Jezebel agenda in Jesus name! You weren’t created to live under ceilings but to break them! You weren’t created to accept and tolerate demonic agendas that strip you of your authority but to shatter them!

In the months to come, those who were the must pressed, crushed, bullied, and oppressed by the enemy will be the ones that release the most powerful roar that will silence the enemy and shut down his plans.

We will see those who have been pushed beyond limits leap over the barricades of darkness and rally the church to fight not hide, and to stand up not sleep this one off.

If you feel stuck, exhausted, and pressed beyond your limits today I decree the FREEDOM of the Lord over you in Jesus name!

I command every stop to be removed and every source of frustration blocking your movement to be exposed and disarmed in the name of Jesus!

Being backed into a corner is only causing you to want to run into the enemies camp and wreak havoc… so do it! Praise, prophesy, stand up, rise up, and move in faith regardless of what you see!

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