A Word for Today – A Word by Nate Johnston

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A Word for Today – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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Posted this in 2019… and it’s still ministering to me 2 years later!

This is the season that you will find out just how loyal you are to the blueprint on the inside of you. It’s only in extreme pressure, opposition, warfare, and hopeless circumstances that what God has done in you is put to the test. Will you bow to the fear and unknown and run backwards? Will you look for safety and comfort in the old thing even if it is limited and confining, or will you jump headfirst? Will you give in to the fear of man and be bound by restriction and faithless, God-less wisdom, or will you shake it off and keep pursing the voice of the Lord? Will you dare to break the mold or will you stay stuck and optionless for another season? Will you choose momentary discomfort while God positions and launches you? Are you ok with looking foolish to the wise for a season as God opens the right door, the door with so much glory on it, or will it settle for second best? This is a season of new beginnings and sudden exits, a season of great fruit but that only comes through great abandon. Will you stay where you are or will you dive into the deep?

This is the season that you’ll discover if culture dictates your decisions or the fire of God inside of you. This is the season you’ll see if your comforts own you or if your longing to move into the fulfillment of your destiny. This is the season where you will see strings severed that held you in religious bondage to visions, projects, and purposes God never enlisted you to. Suddenly the light will go on, you will be loosed from the oxen, and you will feel the fresh mantling of the Lord for the new door in front of you.

I hear the Spirit of God saying “Follow my voice, follow my leading! I won’t let you down and I won’t let you miss it!” and I prophesy over you today that THIS IS YOUR SEASON you finally step into your time of fullness, where EVERYTHING deposited inside of you is revealed and hits its mark in Jesus name.

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