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A Word For You – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

Email: [email protected]

In the night as I was dreaming I heard the voice of the Lord speak;

“I will be your escape.”

“I will be your rescue where you feel backed into a corner.”

“I will be your loophole from the bind.”

“I will be your rescue where you are out of options.”

“I will be your way forward and your passage to safety.”

“I will be your banner surrounding you when waters rise.”

“I will be your vindication when words fly like arrows.”

“I will be your recompense where you have felt robbed and taken out.”

“I will be your place of refuge when you feel you have no where to run or hide.”

“In this hour of trouble I will still get you to the other side!”

“I am rock when you are have been sinking in the sand.”

“I am your deliverer and healer right now and your load-bearer, and freedom giver.”

“I am your escape from what you feel trapped in and unable to escape from.”

“I am your escape from the mind battles, anxiety, and fear that has been making you feel defeated.”

“I am your breaker when you can’t see a way forward in any direction.”

“I hold your plans, your next coordinates, your directions, and way of safe passage through the storm.”

“I am your families surrounding favor and shield where you feel like you have failed them.”

“I am your safe passage out of the mess you have resolved you would never leave.”

“I know the decisions that need to be made, and the obstacles that need to be overcome, but this is where my power works best.”

“This is where you lean into me and rest.”

“This is the fight that you can’t orchestrate. The battle you can’t lead. This is where you need to lay down, move out of the way, and let me show you my glory.”

“Lay down your plan b and your survival exit strategies, because this is where I show you that this was never on you but on me!”

This week I am contending for breakthrough for those who have been backed into a corner. He is your escape!

“Our God is a mighty God who saves us over and over! For the Lord, Yahweh, rescues us from the ways of death many times.But he will crush every enemy, shattering their strength. He will make heads roll.” Psalms 68:20-21

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