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A Word For You Today – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

Email: [email protected]

This word was released on May 31st, 2021.

This is for someone today.. God will finish what He started.

It feels like you are staring at a half finished dream, a half completed house, a half painted painting, but HE WILL complete what He said he would do.

He didn’t lead you where He did to tease you or get your hopes up.

He didn’t confirm that prophetic word He gave you over and over just for the sake of a treasure hunt that went nowhere.

In a dream 4 nights ago I heard over and over “She wears the red dress of redemption” She being us-the body of Christ, red being the blood of Jesus, and redemption meaning to making amends, to make whole, or to make the final payment in an obligation.

God is MOVING IN POWER right now on your behalf!

He is Lord over the systems and governments of the earth. He overrides the red tape and laws of the land and He breaks open the way that is shut.

“Did you think this was over?” says the Lord. “Were you settling your accounts so soon and preparing for defeat? I haven’t made my closing move!”

The enemy has felt like he has won over you, and the hidden plots against you have looked victorious, but they haven’t seen the checkmate coming. Evil men in secret weaving webs throughout the nations have been laughing at their attempts to defy Gods design and thwart the plans of the righteous, but watch for the INSIDE OUT maneuver of heaven that turns what is secret into the open.

Justice will be completed. Redemption is coming to you and the nations of the earth. The blood is right now SPEAKING, PROPHESYING, ROARING!

Right now God is taking you back to lead you forward. He is reminding you of what He has done in the past so that it builds your faith again to believe that you are about to see Him open what has looked shut and honor His promise.

In the next 10 days it is crucial to PROTECT your heart from fear and doubts, worries, and letting heartache settle in. Instead build yourself up in the word and get fiery in worship.

To those who said yes to this crazy wild adventure – you will not be disappointed. Sorrow may come for the night but MORNING IS COMING!

Let me pray for you… heaviness get off them now, fear and anxiety leave now in Jesus name! I prophesy that you will SEE with your own eyes God do what you couldn’t, and you will see Him open up what is humanly Impossible so people marvel and say “ONLY GOD” and He says to you “Well done for standing in faith.”

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

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