Dr. Luc Niebergall lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Sophie. He is the founder and director of Royal Identity Ministries and functions as an itinerant minister throughout the nations. Luc extensively trains and equips the body of Christ in leadership, friendship with God, the prophetic ministry and many other principles of the kingdom of God. Luc serves the body of Christ as a recognized prophetic voice and develops healthy prophetic cultures where God can move and speak. Luc has developed and planted several ministry schools and has been featured on television and radio. He is the author of six books. Website: royalidentity.ca

A Word Of Encouragement – A Word by Dr. Luc Niebergall

Dr. Luc Niebergall

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Recently the Lord spoke to me, saying, “I’m bringing many through a process right now where I’m removing thorns from their lives. The process of removing can feel uncomfortable, but many have limped through life without even realizing it. For some, I’m removing relational thorns. For others, they are financial thorns. For some, they are thorns of self-hatred, anxiety, or fear. I’m removing thorns so that sons and daughters don’t need to settle for limping; they need to be free to run.”

I don’t know what the Lord is leading you through right now. What I do know, is that it’s worth it to keep persevering.

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