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A Word Of Encouragement – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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For those who have followed Jesus in this transition season, this is for you…

I heard the Lord say “I haven’t led you this way to tease you. I didn’t move you from the familiar path to the pioneer road to disappoint you, or give you false hope.”

“I didn’t give you dream after dream and sign after sign just to lead you to a dead-end and a closed door. I didn’t start this adventure of faith with no intention to finish it.”

“I didn’t stir up a radical fire in you just to see it slowly flicker out, and I didn’t give you a love for nations just to see it dashed upon the rocks.”

“I didn’t put a holy discontent upon your life for the norm just so you would never get to see and experience the extraordinary, and I didn’t put a mantle of revival upon you just to see it unused and dormant.”

“You didn’t hear wrong, see wrong, or fail a test. I didn’t SEND YOU to dismantle your faith and cause you to run back into the cave.”

“I didn’t set you apart to torture you with isolation and lack of community, friendships, and people who know you and champion you.”

“I’m am moving you out of the transition/preparatory phase and into the building and establishing phase of your life and calling.”

“The nomadic lifestyle moving from place to place, season to season, and never putting down deep roots is over. You are being led to the location that you can put your bags down and plant yourself.”

“You will finally feel like you have found your REST. I am going to surround you with community and covenant relationships that last a lifetime.”

“I am clearing away the fog and confusion of the transition and putting your hands to fresh purpose, and I am moving you into position for the convergence of both impact and tribe.”

“In the next few months you will feel like the smokescreen that has made it hard to discern and receive direction will lift and you will get your coordinates and feel a settling in your spirit for your way forward.”

“The enemy has tried to cloud your judgment and even make you question your steps that led you this far because he is afraid of you driving your stake down into your place of influence.”

“He has been afraid of you being in your land of delight that causes every plan and intention of my heart to be unlocked over you. But nothing will stop what I have designed for you.”

“Even right now the wrong paths and options around you are being revealed, the wrong doors exposed, and the plan b to run backwards is being shut.”

“I know the desires of your heart and just as you said yes to be faithful I will be faithful to honor what matters to you.”

“I am bringing you to a wide open space that makes you come alive and causes your family to thrive in ways the past settlements of your past never did. This is the land I have promised that you would possess and bloom in.”

“I am going to fulfill the promise I gave you that would own your own home, a place of peace, refuge, a legacy. Where you were in lack you will find that you now have unusual favor in this place because it is your RESTING PLACE, & your DWELLING PLACE.”

“And you won’t have to strive to find it, in fact I am PULLING you into it. You won’t have to even pursue it because it will pursue you!”

“And you will see that this season has been for the sake of the legacy of your house and the establishment of generations. It was for the emancipation from decades of cycles that I have now broken. It’s time to be established, and I say – it is time..

“But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven.” Deuteronomy 11:11

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