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A Word to Generation X: You are Called to Stand In the Gap – A Word by Wayland Henderson


The Lord started to birth a word in my spirit regarding the generation that stands between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.  I do believe that GenXers have a unique ability to bring synergy to both the Baby Boomers and Millennials by being a bridge, but the Lord said to me I’m calling this generation to stand not just between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, but to stand between the living and the dead.

Standing Between the Living and the Dead

In the Book of Numbers Chapter 16, Israel began to murmur and complain blaming Moses and Aaron for the death of Korah and his company, so God came into the tabernacle in His glory and released a plague! As those who rebelled were being wiped out, Aaron took the censor full of incense and ran between the people to make atonement for them.  Just as Aaron stood between the living and the dead and stopped the plague, God is calling this generation to move in the ministry of reconciliation by dropping the plumb line of the revelation of Jesus to the plague that has been released through generations of rebellion.

The word “between” in Hebrew is the word “beyn” and it means “to bring distinction, discernment and understanding”. It also derives from the word “ben” or son.  There are GenXers coming who will be fearless all stand with boldness and release the revelation of the Son and bring distinction between lies, doctrine of demons and revelation truth.  There will not care how long a doctrine has been in place, if it does not line up with the plumb line they will stand against it. It will not be because they simply want to be right, but because many have been lost and destroyed by it.


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The Plague of Stumbling in the Darkness

Rebellion of previous generations has caused plagues to spread throughout the body of Christ and many have been born into bondage where the church is sleep and needs to be awakened and set free. The word “plague” also derives from the word “stumble” meaning the church has fallen asleep and they are walking in darkness and stumbling over Messiah our chief cornerstone (1 Peter 2:8).  Aaron whose name means “light bringer” is a picture of GenXers who have been awakened and undone in the Presence of God and are now being commissioned to stand in the gap as light bringers to stop the plague of stumbling by become witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The spirit of wisdom, revelation and understanding will mark this generation to walk in the reality of their assignment. Proverbs 3 will be their DNA and they will learn to live in such a place of intimacy as intercessors that they will only be concerned with being ambassadors of Christ and the word of reconciliation.

Warning To GenXers:

The Lord also warns this generation not be overcome by the rebellion of the generation before you or the rebellion of the generation after.  Do not be as Israel in the time of Elijah halted between two opinions.  Do not be taken by apathy and excuses for where you are but allow the fire of God to burn everything in you that does not reflect His glory. Run between the living and dead and bring reconciliation! Stand between the porch and the altar to see revival in our time!

Wayland Henderson
Greater Works Generation Ministries
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