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Advance through Barricades of Resistance for Breakthrough


If you are experiencing any resistance from receiving breakthrough, God says to continue to advance forward! When God gives us a vision to further the kingdom the enemy will try whatever it takes to slow us down or to stop us. No matter how hard the resistance or how many roadblocks the enemy tries to set before us, keep advancing forward!

God gave me a vision where I was on a battlefield. In front of me was an army of demonic warriors that were trying to build a barricade to keep me from moving forward. I then heard the Lord say, “advance!” I lunged forward and starting running with super hero like speed. The resistance of the enemy was falling apart. The warriors tried to slow me down and tried to stop me but they could not, I continued to advance through the enemy’s resistance till finally the battle was won!

Psalm 18:29 (NIV)
With your help I can advance against a troop[a]; with my God I can scale a wall.

a. Psalm 18:29 Or can run through a barricade

Since the enemy will do all he can to stop us, when we continue advancing forward then his resistance is weakened. The more we advance the more our faith is increased which then God increases our strength. Don’t give up the fight! When God gives us the vision, He will give us the strength and tools necessary to advance through barricades of resistance! He gives us the strength to scale the walls that the enemy tries to put in front of us.

IN 2009 God gave me a similar vision for the youth. I believe the vision is still relevant for today:

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Last night God gave me a vision of a group of youth carrying a huge battering ram. A battering ram is used to break down doors and walls that are heavily fortified. Police Officers and Firefighters will use a battering ram to enter into buildings during emergencies. In medieval and ancient times a battering ram was a necessary tool of warfare when trying to breakdown strongholds.

In the vision the youth charged a thick stone wall and plowed right on through, beyond that were more walls that were spaced about 6ft apart that were spread out for miles. One by one the youth plowed right on through. I was standing on the side of them giving words of encouragement every step of the way, as if cheering them on. I was amazed by how they plowed through without any hesitation as if the stone walls were made of paper. With each wall that tumbled down their joy and excitement increased.

These walls represented walls of resistance and walls of religion. Man made walls that were set up to keep the youth from advancing into their destiny and to hinder their calling. The walls were put up by older generations that had failed to reach the younger generation. With every new generation there is usually a new kind of trend or style that sometimes the older generation has trouble relating to. And because of that sometimes younger generations are written off as outcasts, trouble makers, and rebellious. It’s important as an adult not to forget what is was like to be a teenager. It’s important for us adults to raise up the present generation so that they can impact the next generation.

Often times we prophesy about the new generation but what are we doing to impact the now generation? It’s great to get excited when we receive a word for the next generation, but that doesn’t mean to sit back and neglect the current generation. We are to help prepare the way instead of sitting by idly waiting for the next generation to show up at our front door. Prepare the way by helping the now generation to lead the way for the next generation. As church leaders, parents, teachers we have been giving a great privilege and responsibility to nurture the youth of today. I never understood how adults who were different when they were teenagers can sometimes be so judgmental about how different teenagers are today. Don’t forget where you came from.

The youth in the vision I had were self motivated, they were fervent about not waiting for someone else to give the battle cry. Instead they charged right on through and plowed down every wall of resistance that was put before them. They had had enough of being held back. If you are a youth of today I encourage you to keep pressing in no matter how strong the resistance may be. Through Jesus you have the power within for change and to make changes. Don’t be afraid to be bold and radical in your faith. God has destined you for greatness! If you’ve been frustrated by dealing with resistance and religion then make an impact for Jesus and plow right on through. You are the generation that will impact the next generation!

God bless,

Mike Gates

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Mike is a prophetic revivalist with a passion for evangelism. His desire is for people to be radically changed by the power of God. In Sept. of 1995 God delivered him from paganism & the occult, depression, and addictions. Since then Mike has been committed to telling other's about Jesus. Mike ministers God's freedom, deliverance, and healing. He demonstrates the love of Jesus and believes that actions speak louder than words. Mike carries an anointing to equip the body of Christ to release and activate their God given destiny. Mike and his wife Kim are co-founders of Open Gates Ministries which was started in May of 1998. They are youth pastors and worship leaders. Mike and his family are members of Dayspring Church in Seminole, TX. For more information visit: www.opengatesministries.com