Sandi Holman was called to the nations as an End-Time Handmaiden in 1984 with Gwen Shaw and also served with YWAM Singapore and YWAM Charlotte in missions traveling over 16 nations.  She has served the body of Christ as a 700 Club Counselor, Theophostics Counselor, Chaplain, Pastor, Teacher, Speaker and Equipper. She is an author, Prophetic Intercessor, Seer, and Blogger.

Advancing The Path Of Attainability – A Word by Sandi Holman

Sandi Holman

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I hear the Lord saying, ‘To those who were so crushed that their gift was silenced in the last season, healing is coming now and you will go on as every obstacle is being removed for I have ordained your path and I am redeeming the time of your lost desires. I am turning the tide of deep disappointments into waves of new appointments. Though many were moved by feelings of defeat, I say to you today that from the ashes of defeat burn the greatest fires of new accomplishments, says the one who lives in you. You must position yourself to receive the cleansing from the winds of change as it blows away all impurities that dominated the atmosphere of yesterday. I am in you and I am always seeing you as ‘what you are becoming’ and every feature of my Image is to be mirrored in you

I am calling out my Advancing Ones to demonstrate WHO YOU ARE as you begin to see yourself from my viewpoint and through my eyes, says the Father. You are moving onto the path of attainability, as you leave the place of the hard, rough places of yesterday. You have gained wisdom from the difficult places you have experienced that you will now rely on as you break into your new day. You shall embrace the rewards of your pursuit of the Father’s heart as you DEMONSTRATE your true identity and purpose you were created for.

As I heard that word attainability, I paused to make sure I heard correctly and the Lord said, “Tell them I said, ‘Never, never, never give up for the battle belongs to the persistent. There is a rumbling and a churning deep within my Remnant to remove all doubt and they surely sense it is my presence in them assuring them it they can do this, no doubt about it, says the Lord God. So refuse to let friends or circumstances defeat or take you off the path of attainability for I made you to climb, not crawl. I mad you to fly, not fall. I mad you to soar, not sink. Remember my word in Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ So you can do it. It is attainable for I am your enabler. I have given you the ability to attain. Only believe.”

Attainable (

You can do it, no doubt about it. Yes, your goal is attainable: within reach and not too difficult to achieve.

Attainable has roots in Latin words that mean “to reach” and “to touch.” If you can reach it and you can touch it, you’ve practically got it, and it’s clearly attainable. The box on the top shelf is attainable once you get a chair to stand on. Saving enough money for a car is an attainable goal if you’ve got a job that pays well. Keep visiting this site and a good vocabulary is attainable — guaranteed.

As you Dominate the atmosphere and Demonstrate your purpose, you shall step into the position of an Influencer in these times of bringing balance to the vacillation of despair and confusion that has been taking place. My Chosen Ones shall be seen in the Marketplace and in all the seven mountains as Godly Influencers in the coming months. I am sending you on a Quest like never before to establish your Place of Authority as you go deeper, reach further, and destroy ever lie of the enemy through DEMONSTRATION of the TRUTH. You shall truly be a reflection of The Living Water, an extension of a LOVING Father and Speaker of the Word of Truth that will break every chain and set the captives free. Those that were shut up in the season of Covid are hungry for fellowship and thirsty for Living Water.

“Get ready! Get ready with a Kingly mindset for the future that lies before you is truly UNPRECEDENTED. I have spoken this to my people many times in prophetic words regarding the end-times and I come today to remind you that I have given you the power to make a difference but you must now take hold of it in the midst of darkness. I am coming for a Triumphant Church. I am calling you to seek my face and hear my voice with clarity as you position yourself for an amazing economic shift that shall come out of the inflation plan of the world. There is indeed a great transfer of wealth that is on the way, says the one who is ALL POWERFUL. So continue to ask, seek, knock with relentless fervor for I desire for my Remnant to desire to engage with me continually. I am lifting you up higher to receive a heavenly perspective and a new prophetic vision and revelation for what is ahead.”

Proverbs 29:18 MSG “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”

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