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America Shall Be Saved – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

I recently had a powerful prophetic dream about America. In the dream, I was looking out over a beautiful piece of farmland. I knew that the soil was very fertile. It was freshly tilled and very well maintained. Then the dream shifted and I could see what was beneath the surface. I could see that seeds had been planted in the soil. The seeds had already broken open and started to produce sprouts. However, the small young plants were just inches away from reaching the surface. They were so close to sprouting through the soil.

As I woke up from this dream I heard the Lord say, “America shall be saved. Prodigal sons and daughters are returning to families and to the house of the Lord.” I believe the farmland represents what God is doing in America. The prayers of many intercessors have kept the spiritual ground tilled and ready to produce. The people of the Kingdom of God have been making bold declarations and decrees over America and over the church of America. Now I believe the breakthrough is about to breakthrough! I believe that the seeds that have been planted in America and in the hearts of prodigal sons and daughters are about to break forth. There is a mighty harvest coming. It will be harvest of souls and of prodigals returning to the Lord and to their calling. God will restore His people and He is restoring America!

I believe America and the nations of the earth are about to experience an outpouring of God’ spirit like never before. This is not a season to be caught idly standing by. This is a season to be a faithful steward that will be ready to bring in the harvest when it breaks forth. We are so close to seeing breakthrough in America and the nations of the earth. Intercessors don’t stop interceding! The answer to the cry of the people of God is about to be answered! America shall be saved! The prodigals are coming home. The entrepreneurial spirit is rising within many. God is raising up His people to do the work of the Kingdom of God and to see it manifested in the earth.

Joe Joe Dawson

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