Ella Onakoya is the founding leader of Harvest of the Nations. She ministers in the UK, America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She is an Evangelist, a Prophetess, Prophetic Watchman and Apostle to the nations, a teacher and an author.

God moves powerfully through her ministry to revive, heal, equip and release the body of Christ as she speaks in various conferences, churches, ministries and equipping schools.

She is also the director of Harvest of the Nations School of Ministry. She is a regular writer of prophetic articles for the Elijah List and her articles has also been featured in Charisma magazine. For further information about her ministry, please visit harvestofthenations.com. 

An important prophetic dream alert to leaders: Arise and cover your intercessors – A Word by Ella Onakoya

Ella Onakoya

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On the night of the 10th of August, I had a very vivid dream that I believe to be a very strong alert to the body of Christ especially to leadership. In this dream I saw a diabolic plan of the enemy revealed by the Lord. The enemy’s plan was to bring to harm the intercessors, prayer shield and armour bearers that were covering certain leadership. The enemy had felt unsuccessful in getting to the leadership and now targeted their prayer covering as a strategy to get to those who were being covered. The dream showed in detail how the enemy infiltrated and gained access into certain intercessory group that were covering leadership.

Haman’s plan backfired

As my dream continued that night, although the enemy seemed successful to some extent in what they planned, their plan ultimately failed and backfired as heaven caused the ammunition of destruction for who they intended to be their victim backfire. Though it seemed that some distress or hurt was caused to some intercessors, there was a surprise turnaround which I believe was due to a divine intervention by the hand of the Lord. The ammunition used and released by the enemy boomeranged and entered back into the heart of the wicked enemy and I saw the enemy lay flat on his back, injured but still alive but unable to rise to cause more damage.

I woke up from the dream and I started to pray intermittently throughout the day and even up till now. As a leader myself, I have various intercessors and at times some armour bearers so I began to cover them in prayer, covering them with the blood of Jesus.

As I strongly sense this alert to be for the wider leadership in the body of Christ, I feel led to release this alert and directive:

Leaders, ARISE and cover those who have covered you faithfully in prayers. We are in a battleground in this world and while we are never to fear and we are always to walk in victorious faith in all we do, the wisdom from heaven is to understand the enemy’s tactics and respond with heavens strategy.

I encourage leaders or anyone with a support group or prayer covering around them to increase a prayer covering for those heaven have assigned around you.

On June 27 2017, I released a prophetic alert on the need for watchman to arise and pierce the darkness in the UK. At that time there were serious ISIS attacks in the UK but many believers responded to that word with many saying they were praying and fasting. The spate of attacks miraculously eased in answer to prayers. I implore you to respond with similar diligence as all arise to pray against demonic strategies of attack against leadership and their prayer shield within the wider body of Christ. I am certain in my heart of an outcome of victory which has already been settled and established in heaven.

A revelation of a Prayer strategy:

Several years ago, I had a visual revelation where I saw many believers standing to stretch their hands to the front to cover the ones in front in prayer. In that vision everyone was covered as each stood in a line covering each other’s back in prayer. Church, release a prayer covering that releases God’s glory as a rear guard for each believer. The glory will be the shield the enemy cannot penetrate.

A word of encouragement for intercessors: Remain vigilant, fearless and pure as you wear your full armor at all times especially the armour of light spoken of in Romans 13:12. Several years back, I woke up suddenly from a dream where I had been in battle against the enemy. Fleetingly I entered into a trance before I became fully awake and saw myself covered in a full body armour of light. I understood by revelation the armor had protected me from being harmed. This is a season to be sober, putting off all works of darkness in your own life.

as you put on the armour of light. Staying armoured, fearless, in faith and purity at all times, I believe is key for the enemy not to gain access.

Directives to overturn the enemy plans

Stand and overturn the enemy’s plan. Decree a reversal of all plans of the enemy so that what has been incubated in the evil spirit world would not manifest in the earth realm.

Haman’s end of total defeat:

Haman was the enemy of Mordecai and the Jews in the book of Esther. His wicked plans were overturned as he fell into his own trap. In my dream, as the ammunition boomeranged and entered into the heart of the wicked enemy of the saints, the enemy laid fatally injured unable to rise. Saints, decree an utter end to the enemy plan against the body of Christ that it will have no way to regroup or rise again as it fails in total defeat after the order of Haman.

Love, an important weapon

In the vision I had years ago, heaven released a strategy of protection from attack as each saint covered each other backs in prayer. In that visual revelation, the believers were so full of love for each other as as they lovingly surrounded each other with prayers that seemed like a shield. No one stabbed each other in the back or walked in discord. With love they waged a good warfare to cover each others back. I also hear a gentle warning of the lord to not give discord access as you pray with boldness and a pure heart.

Today I pray for a backup of a heavenly army of angels to be released for the protection of every faithful intercessors, prayer shield, armour bearers and even those who pray for us without our knowledge. Let no one be uncovered this hour as our prayers for each other forms a ring of covering the enemy cannot penetrate.

As I saw in my dream recently, I pray that every Haman with a devious plan to take down the intercessor shield of God’s leaders fall into their own trap as their plan backfires. Lord Jesus, take all the glory and honor for bringing what is planned in darkness into light.

Leaders, let us pray for those who are covering us.

Ella Onakoya

Harvest of the Nations

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