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An Isaiah 6 Cleansing Coal – A Word by Sylvia Neusch


For the past month or so I have heard the Lord saying, “An Isaiah 6 coal is coming.”  Along with that, I began to personally feel a fresh inner work of the Holy Spirit in my life concerning my thoughts and words. I have spent time with the Lord pressing in for all He has for this current season, and I believe His cleansing coal is a loving and necessary part of our journey into this next season. 

As we stand on the precipice of such a great move of God, let’s not hesitate to embrace His cleansing, purifying fire in whatever form it may come.  Here is what I hear Him saying in this hour:

“I am restoring my awe to My Church. I am restoring my awe and the fear of the Lord. I have entrusted you, My Church to the Holy Spirit and He is bringing all things into a glorious crescendo and fullness of time season that will display My glory.

Like Isaiah who had a vision of the seraphim and exalted Lord, I am breaking into your world to reveal Myself in greater measure. I will come to purify your lips and your heart as I did with Isaiah. I am bringing my coal of cleansing to the lips of My Church. Do not resist my coal of cleansing, but instead embrace it as it is borne out of love and carefully orchestrated for this time and season. 

My Bridal army is awakening, but some have not sanctified their hearts and lips unto me. These have not known or been awakened by My love. But, My love will have it’s way as it is a compelling force. Place my love as a seal upon your heart. My love is as strong as death, and my jealousy unyielding as the grave.(Song of Songs 8:6) My jealous love will overcome every obstacle, every hindrance.

My beautiful Bride, receive my coal of cleansing as I am perfecting that in you which the Father has begun. Awaken beautiful Bride!  Arise and shine, for you will be My light to the nations. Your words will flow forth from a sanctified heart and lips that bear the mark of My cleansing coal. In purity and truth, you will reveal Me on the Earth as the Desire of the Nations. 


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I have set doors before you and will open them in My timing. Guard the purity of your heart and the purity of our relationship. What is most precious to you? To what will you give your heart?  All will flow from this place of abandoned intimacy as you give yourself to Me. I am your Source.  I am your Life flow and your place of unending revelation. 

I am bringing abundant increase to this place of revelation with dimensions and spectrums of color. Where you have felt you are looking through a keyhole, I am opening wide the door. I hold the keys and will unlock these doors of destiny for you. You have known measure, but I have for you, FULLNESS.

My awakening Bride, I long to lavish my goodness on you. Come, taste and see that I am good.

Sylvia Neusch

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Decree of Acceleration, Recovery and a Double Portion!​​​​​​​

A Word by Dana Jarvis

There is a great acceleration filling the atmosphere. Manifestation is always preceded by an acceleration. Great doors of favor will open, you will meet the right people, walk through the right doors, prosper in your journey. I decree a great acceleration in your life. Things that seemed stagnant, I decree will manifest suddenly. You will be overtaken by the blessings and favor of God.

You will also surely recover all just as David did with the Amalekites. Do not let the stinking thinking of poverty keep you from your inheritance. Whatever you think you have lost, you will recover all. God's economy works different than that of the world. He is your Restorer, Redeemer, and Rewarder! The world operates by taking while the Kingdom of God operates in obeying and giving. I declare over you unexpected gifts and surprises. You shall recover all you have lost. Every seed and offering you sow, you shall reap a harvest.

There is something shifting over your lives. Get ready for everything is going to double! I am confirming this over you. I decree over you a double portion. All the promises to be released. I decree your inheritance be doubled! Keep your expectations high!

Right now I speak Acceleration, Recovery, and Double portion over all in Jesus mighty name.

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