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An Unusual Season Of Prayer
A Word by Yolanda Perry
Just last week while being interviewed on another’s broadcast, I heard and shared these words:
This morning this word came back to me AGAIN. It took me almost a week, but I finally got it. As I sat in my prayer room meditating, I thought, “AHA…THAT’S WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.” You see, I must have somehow thought this word did not pertain to me. Yet, I personally have been experiencing some adjustments in my prayer life. It was actually a bit unsettling, at first,¬†to tell the truth.
Once you have found your rhythm in prayer, it is easy to do what you need to do. But that is just it. As easy as it is to habitually go into prayer, it is that easy for the enemy to attack, and even conquer in some cases.
Because we are sometimes so systematic in prayer that we have become predictable.
Let that sink in a bit.
Now I understand why God had also spoken a few specific things concerning this unusual season of prayer.
1. Prayer Hours/Watches Will Change.
In some cases your prayer time will shift immensely. That is what happened to me. I am an extremely early riser. I started to get disturbed when I was suddenly not feeling like getting up as early. I kept making myself get up anyway. And God did honor it to a degree. But I certainly did not feel the passion as I once knew every time I entered my prayer room. I am in no way discounting early prayer watches here, as that has been mine for a lot of years. On the other hand, I started to have strong desires come over me to pray in the afternoon and even late after my house has settled down for the night. For me, this is completely unusual because I am up so early and am usually exhausted by the end of each day. BUT, I have had some of the most powerful times in prayer at the most sporadic times.
This is not to say that we are only to pray at certain times. Quite the contrary. It is still expected that men would always pray and not faint, according to Luke 18:1. However, we are to be sensitive to the new times that God is calling us to steal away for time with Him.
2. Prayer Postures Will Change.
Are you one who is used to kneeling in prayer?
Are you one who is used to lying prostrate while praying?
Are you one who is used to walking about during prayer?
Most have some sort of preference and posture that is their norm. But I even heard God say He is coming for that too. Indeed, even prayer postures will change. Those who are usually still in one spot, will suddenly get the urge to move about; and the radical ones who march around waving their fists during times of intercession will suddenly sense the need to quietly pray at times. Uh oh. That latter shift would be me, I must admit.
3. Prayer Languages and Verbiage Will Change.
It is time that we shift from praying what we know and tapping into the unknown. God is ready to unlock mysteries to us. It is time to release prayer scripts and prompts and truly tap into the secret place. To do this, we must begin praying from another dimension. In many cases, the prayers of the saints are so low that the adversary does not even need a stepping stool to reach them and snatch them down before they ever reach heaven. Let us begin to enter into prayer so open to God that He begins to release those spiritual gifts such as diverse tongues and interpretation of tongues. Further, we must also increase in the Word so that we can increase our prayer vocabulary to expand our reach in the spiritual realm.
You will feel out of sorts only when you are resisting God’s shifting to this¬†unusual season of prayer. However, if you yield to what He is impressing upon you in a given moment of prayer, you will feel instant peace. You will sense yourself being positioned right in the center of His perfect will.
Now, if you are like me, you are probably wondering why such unusual shifts in prayer, especially if we have been successfully hitting our targets in the realm of the Spirit.
Here is how the Lord put it to me.
“It is time to position yourself such that you can out strategize the enemy in this season. The adversary attacks based on what he knows, the familiar. While you are in prayer at the usual time, he is using his imps to wear you down. They meet you in prayer because they already know when you will be there. This is why you are oftentimes so weary and weighted down during prayer instead of feeling revived, as you should. But when you shift, unbeknownst to him, he will be completely clueless as to what God’s next move is through you. Now is the time to shift into this unusual season of prayer.”
It is time that we catch Satan off guard, leaving him wondering when the next prayer watch is and what it is going to look like. He will be confused by the unusual shift. And when we are able to catch him off guard, imagine the grounds we will gain.
Let us begin to pray unusual prayers that will keep our adversary guessing.
Are you ready to shift into this unusual season of prayer?
There is only one requirement that might challenge you. It will require you to let go of the old season.
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