Angels with shields coming to protect you. – A Word by Lisa Hernandez

Lisa Hernandez is a woman whose warrior heart has been forged in the fire of adversity. She carries with her a Deborah anointing and an instinctive ability to see the behind the scenes attempts of the enemy. 
Lisa studied Karate, kickboxing, Hand to hand combat and weapons for two decades, retiring recently to work with kids of at-risk youth. Her weapon of choice is the Sword. God has taken Lisa’s special understanding of warfare and strategy and given her eyes to see into the spirit realm where she applies her gifts wholeheartedly for the glory of the Lord. palmofdeborah.com
Angels with shields coming to protect you.
A Word by Lisa Hernandez
Today as I was worshiping in my heavenly language I looked up and saw an angel with something in front of him.  I asked the LORD, “What am I seeing Lord?” 
 He said, “Child, This is one of many of my angels that I have sent to protect my beloved’s.  I have sent out thousands upon thousands to the front lines of battle.  My beloved’s are growing weary and they need a little extra help.”
I then asked, “Lord what are these angels holding? I see something almost as giant as they are, in their hands?”
He said,”Child, these angels are holding shields up in front of my beloveds to give them added protection from the fiery darts that the enemy has been launching day and night!
Some of the angels are positioned infront, some are positioned behind, some are positioned overhead where the worst of the attack has been.  
Watch as the enemy begins to get frustrated because they are no longer able to penetrate my defensive positions over my beloveds.  They will not win.  They will surely give up and turn on each other in their frustration. 
 My beloveds will rise and shine!  I have placed my mark on them.  They will shine with my light.  The enemy can’t tolerate the light.  
Glory and Fire
As my Glory is on my beloveds watch how their battle weariness turns into fresh fire from my spirit as they rise up!  They will rise up and shine and be a beacon to the world.  The world will see the light of life in my beloveds and the world will desire the light.  But the world does not understand the light.  The lost ones will seek out the light because they have groped aground in the dark for so long that they will surely be drawn into the light of life in my beloveds.  
Run toward the light
The world will turn away, but the lost will run toward the light.  The lost know that there is freedom in the light.  You are my light!  Let the Lost run to me.  Love them in my name and they will be set free!  All the while I AM with you.  And my heavenly forces protect you. So do not fear!  Tell the others, do not fear.  
I AM is with you.”
John 8:12
“I AM the light of the world.  whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life!”
Matt. 5:14
“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”
Matt. 28:20
“and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  and surely I AM with you always, to the very end of the age.”
With love in Christ,