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“Answering the Knock” – A Word by Korrie L Silver

Korrie L Silver

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As I sat, sipping my freshly ground morning coffee and spending time with the Spirit of God, I sensed a knock at the door of my heart; curious, I answered. 

It was three very dear friends of mine who had come for a visit. A visit, or an intervention? Their names were FaithHope and Love

Excited to be together once again, I opened the door wide and welcomed them in. As is common when dear friends gather, there was much hugging, laughing, teasing and a few tears. There was so much to catch up on; each one had played such a significant role in my life. And yet, the weariness and the toil of the past few years had weighed heavily; heavier than I had realized on how well I had maintained my relationships with FaithHope and Love. They expressed no judgment nor resentment but lovingly held me close and as is natural with close friends, we picked right up where we had left off.

Faith began to share wonderful stories, testimonies really of what she had seen over the past few years. Encouraging stories. Triumphant stories. Stories that revealed to me that I was not alone on this journey, others were also feeling the weight and strain and although many of us may have been in isolation, we were never truly alone. As Faith shared in her tender and direct way, my own faith began to be stirred up once again, I sensed that the glowing ember was once more being fanned into a bright, vibrant flame of fire. Faith was arising. 

Smiling and giggling together we each knew that Joy had also decided to join us, and we welcomed her sweet laughter as it began to ring out over us. It was like standing in the rushing waters of a sparking waterfall. Pure. Precious. Poignant. It flowed over us, and we allowed Joy the full freedom to soak and saturate us. It was contagious. We clasped hands and beamed at each other simply enjoying the moment we were sharing.

We were in no rush and savoured this time of togetherness. We had shared so many moments like this in the past and we were all deeply touched to simply allow Joy to fill and overflow out of us.

There is such beauty in knowing and being known.

I began to cry tears of joy. As I cried, FaithHope and Love surrounded me. My tears turned from tears of joy to tears of release as they encouraged me to cry out the pain, the disappointment, the sadness, the loneliness, and the fear that this last season had tried to entangle me with. I cried and cried; it was such a powerful time of release. The regrets and disappointments began to fall off me and it felt so good, so freeing to let them go. FaithHope and Love ministered to my tender heart with such gentleness and compassion as we together said goodbye to the last season. It was time.

As we did, Hope began to speak: “God of all Hope, we put our trust in You. As we spend this time with You, may Your Joy and Peace fill us and Your Hope overflow through us” (Romans 15:13). Hope began to prophesy to what had become dry bones in my life – hope deferred, promises yet to be answered, dreams yet to be fulfilled. She prophesied to those dry bones: “Hear the Word of the Lord! This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life…. Then you will know that I AM the Lord” (Ezekiel 37:3-6).

As she prophesied, my hope began to arise once more. Dreams came rushing back, long-held promises were re-awakened and feelings of anticipation and expectation in the Mighty Hand of God to be able to move on my behalf were restored and even re-storied. The hope in the “And suddenly” power of God in whom all things are possible was reactivated. Reaffirmed. Released afresh.

I heard myself begin to give a roar of praise from deep within my belly. Praise so loud, so fierce, so intense. A roar of praise so ferocious as it had been birthed out of the dark season, the valley of loneliness and despair, out of such depths of darkness and pain where I had been left waiting, waiting, waiting. A roar of praise that I was still alive. A roar of praise that the darkness had not defeated and destroyed me, but indeed had been a place of growth, grooming and the gardening of my soul, my gifts, my character. A place of becoming. A place of birthing. A place of unpacking the pain and unlocking destiny. A place of faith being evaluated, a place of hope being challenged. A place where love’s voice was being rediscovered. 

Love wrapped her arms around me at that moment and held me tight. You are loved, so very loved she began to whisper. Father loves you so very much. You are His Treasure, His Joy, His Delight. He has never left you in this season. He has carried you; held you and sang songs of Love over you (Zephaniah 3:18).

His Love for you is all-consuming. It is greater and flows deeper than any battle you have faced in this dark season. It shines brighter and brighter. The enemy is so scared of the Brightness of the Father’s Heart of Love for you. It terrifies him. He knows he has no hold on you as you turn your face towards the radiance of the Father’s Love.

Turn now. Allow His Love to be the Son-Shine that you bask in. Allow it to burn brightly from the inside out. The flow of His Love. The warmth of His perfect plan and purpose for your life.

Father is Love.

Father is patient.

Father is kind.

Father does not envy.

Father does not boast.

Father is not proud.

Father does not dishonour others.

Father is not self-seeking.

Father is not easily angered.

Father keeps no record of wrongs.

Father does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

Father always protects.

Father always trusts.

Fathers always hopes.

Father always perseveres.

Father never fails.

And now these three remain Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Father, is love. (Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

As I walked my friends to the door, I was filled again with the awe and wonder of FaithHope and Love.

Truly they are my Gatekeepers. Their visit today reminded me once again of the importance of guarding my heart and my home and having the right Gatekeepers in place. As I hugged each one of them and thanked them for their visit, one by one they reminded me to have an open-door policy for the Father’s Heart of Love and a closed-door policy to the enemy’s lies. Close and bar the door to doubt, fear, and discouragement; and, open wide the door to great anticipation and expectation of the “And suddenly” power and move of God the Father in my life. 

Dream again.

Hope again.

Love again.

And so, I will.

Korrie L Silver

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