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So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves,and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. -Ephesians 4:11-16

God has been speaking to me today on the subject of apostolic leadership. The body of Christ’s greatest need is leadership. Most churches are filled with apathetic passive believers waiting for the rapture to come. Instead, we need a church that is empowered by leaders who are called by God to make a difference. There are several characteristics that apostolic leaders have. I want to share these with you in this blog to challenge you to become all that God has ordained for you to be. Let me make it clear… there are many who say they are apostles but aren’t because they lack the fruit of apostolic ministry. Take a look and judge the fruit in their lives.

Apostolic leaders have a big vision.

Most leaders in the body of Christ have a small vision. Size matters. Instead of thinking about changing a neighborhood start developing a vision to impact your region. Your dream should be so big that it scares you. It should require the divine move God’s Spirit to make the vision come to pass. When you have a God-sized vision from the Lord cast the vision to those around you. Vision casting is an art. It is what people imagine. When you close your eyes what do see? What you see you can have. You attract what you think about most. You should be borderline obsessed with the vision God has given you. It should mark your life.

Apostolic leaders minister through people.

Think team building. Think leaders who lead other teams. If you want to reach the multitudes you can’t do it alone. You can’t minister to everyone. But you can duplicate yourself by finding those who have the same DNA as your ministry and are willing to run with the vision God has given you. I have run into so many people who think they can do it all. I was once one of them. I was carrying so much on my shoulders that I was burning myself out. I needed the right people and the right tools to accomplish the assignment God had placed on my life. I needed to brush up on my leadership skills and learn to delegate. Apostolic leaders delegate authority but not influence. Influence comes by earning an individuals trust. 

Apostolic leaders take new territory.

It is easy to walk down a path that has already been paved. Apostolic leaders clear a new path for others to follow. They lead the way. They are fearless and overcome obstacles. They carry a breaker anointing on their life. They are relentless and don’t stop. They are driven by a passion for God that flows out of His love for the world.


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I believe God is pouring out a fresh anointing for leadership. He is raising up apostolic leaders to advance the Kingdom of God and fulfill the Great Commission. They will do anything short of sinning to lead people into an encounter with God. They live lives marked by God’s supernatural power and miracles. The win the masses to Jesus!


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by Jo Ellen Stevens

Hello Spirit Fuel Readers. I wanted tell you a story about something that happened to me a few years ago in a Summer not unlike many Summers that My husband and I had for many years of learning God’s provision. This particular Summer it had been very hot and humid and truly it seemed like one of the leanest Summers that we had in a long time.


We were Pastoring a small church at the time and we both had been working at the school for many years and each Summer we had no jobs and had to trust God for the provision for how we were going to live through that few month period. This summer was no different. At the end of the year I would always start getting this feeling of almost panic wondering how we were going to make it that Summer. This particular Summer when that panic hit me, God said “ I want you to take the money that you have in your purse and send it to a particular ministry. I was like “but God that is all that I have and it may have to last….”


Being Obedient, I went on-line and sent the money that He told me to. A few weeks later, I was outside in what seemed like the hottest day of the year. There was not a breeze to be felt, when suddenly, this little cool breeze came across me and I said out loud.,“THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT BREEZE!” He spoke to me that day as I said that and said. “I AM GOING TO REFRESH YOU ON A BREEZE DAUGHTER.” I thought, “what could this mean? I got up from there and went into the house that day and no sooner did I get in there until the phone rang. It was a member of our church and the woman on the other end said “my husband and I want to buy you a new car! We were looking at a couple of them and saw a particular one and it was called a “PLYMOUTH BREEZE!” That night we went to get the BRAND NEW RED BREEZE and we drove around and around that town in it, feeling like millionaires. The Lord at one point told me to look at the new car next to me and said, “see that car” and I said, “yes Lord!” he said, “the blessing of the Lord it makes rich and he adds no sorrow with it!” I said, “What do you mean Lord?” He said. Well, you have a new beautiful car and so do they but, they have a payment book and you do not!"  

You see, what it’s all about is obedience! Obedience and thanking God for the small things like the little breeze that came over me that day and obedience even in the small things. I didn’t think my small offering that day would do anything, but in my obedience we reaped a great harvest and refreshing!” Not only that, God let me know that year that he saw and he heard my plight! This is why when God says sow a seed, he has bigger plans for it than you can imagine or think. My friends, obedience is key! I want to encourage you, that if you are reading this and feel led to sow a seed into this ministry, that God is faithful to refresh you and show himself strong in your time of need! Not only that, He always gives back, pressed down, shaken together and running over!” He wants to show you His faithfulness in your life and wants you to know that you know that it came from Him!

Arise Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens

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