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Spiritual Growth


A month ago I had a dream I was sitting in a boardroom at a meeting when suddenly the speaker stands up and begins handing around documents for us to look at and on the front it simply says “Operating system 2.0”, and I woke up. Its no secret that we are currently in a season of change of epic proportions where God is rapidly moving the body of Christ into position, updating the wineskin, and then inviting us to invite the new wine of His presence in. “We just didn’t expect it like this” many are saying. Leaders who have been around for decades, pastors, prophets, apostles, are all in great anticipation and wonder as God rolls out His new blueprints for a move of God so unusual it requires complete surrender and our complete focus and attention.


Have you been feeling the overwhelming discomfort? Recently the Lord says to me “Tell them it’s just growing pains” The stretching, the pulling, the PURGING where God has been excavating your heart and life to prepare you for the MORE being added to you. Yes its painful when you are being stretched and growing but its where you SEE your promises come to pass. Just like new muscles are built by stretching and tearing of your old ones, God is building our muscle and adding to us. As I was praying further into it I then heard the Lord say “Don’t misdiagnose the growing pains as arthritis” and I don’t believe He meant the physical arthritis but spiritual. Just as growing pains are the sign of a young body growing and developing into maturity, arthritis is the signs of body degradation and slowing down and right now many are looking at the signs of their season and only seeing degradation and assuming that things are slowing down and coming to a halt. God wants you to know that this is not the wind-down but the wind-up. When you are growing what do you need to do? Feed more, you need spiritual nutrients and protein(meat) to ensure you are growing properly, and you need hydration(his presence). So when you feel the pain, the discomfort, and begin to feel and see signs you aren’t used to begin to prophesy “This is just growing pains and I’m growing up in my destiny!


Transition can often feel like open heart surgery because in order for us to be able to walk in the fullness of the new season our hearts need to be capatible and have the capacity to be able to steward what God pours out. Recently I was praying for some friends who are in this transition when I had a vision of a home that was being rewired. I could see the old cables being replaced with brand new electric and data cables that were interconnecting at different locations and sending both power and information throughout the home. This spoke to me about this corporate transition that God is rewiring not only our hearts but our heads, clearing us of old mindsets and limitations and creating a greater capacity within us to dream with him in this new season. With it comes increase to our territory, greater authority(power)and connectivity to the Holy Spirit as we yield.


As I’m writing this now I feel the Holy Spirit wanting to say to you “You can’t go back!” Just because it seems scary and it’s an unknown road and you just cant seem to find your feet in this season. Don’t give up! I keep being reminded of Jacob who after a life of so much pain and toil trying to make something out of His life and trying so desperately to leave His reputation behind came to a defining moment. There Jacob stood at the brook “Jabbok” which means “emptying out, a pouring out” and represented a place of being completely emptied to move forward. Jacob sent all his family and possessions over the other side of the brook and there he waited alone, then the passage says;

“A man wrestled with him till daybreak. When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Genesis 32:24-26

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Jacob was done with struggling, with not being able to outrun his past, with having to defend himself and he was done with not seeing Gods promises come to pass so he stood there and wrestled God until His destiny changed. God is stirring up such a fresh hunger and desperation in this season for people to “move on” from not just seasons of lack and struggle, warfare, and pain, but whole lifestyles, legacies, and families are coming into a new era where literally everything is changing. This is your 2.0, it feels like you are still fighting, but you are not fighting as much as you are PRESSING IN, you are standing at your divine moment. This is your “Jabbok”, your emptying before your name changes, your mantle changes, and you move into your UPGRADE!


As I woke up this morning I heard the Lords voice so loud and clear in my heart say “It’s going to be better than you think!” and it arrested my heart because so often when we are navigating new roads our hearts feel like they are playing catch up to out spirit. It’s those intense times of shifting circumstances, surroundings, and situations that the enemy likes to throw fear, anxiety, and stir up every insecurity so we live daily out of fear instead of faith. And faith is what we need in this season to continue dreaming big with God so he isn’t dragging us forward but we are co-laboring with Him and pressing into the wind and the new direction He is taking us in. If you have been struggling with plaguing fear and anxiety with all of the changes you just need to be reminded of his goodness again.


– Create space in life to dialogue with Jesus and let him download his new map and blueprints for the season.
– Surrender to the new blueprints, let go of old things God highlights to you
– Give him complete access to upgrade your operating system/wineskin
– Pay attention to your dreams/visions. Recognize new themes he is speaking to you about
– Don’t ignore your symptoms but diagnose them through the lens of His goodness
– Remember you aren’t going backwards, you are going from glory to glory
– Immerse yourself in His presence, don’t run from Him
– Don’t try to orchestrate your own outcomes.
– Trade fear for FAITH – wage war against the irrational fears with promise
– Be intentional to keep dreaming with Him.
– Look for new ways God is already expanding/growing you
– Remember Jesus has already gone before you and there is nothing that is a surprise to Him.
– You can celebrate your growth not loathe it. Enjoy the journey!

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