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Are you possessed? Jesus is on His way!
A Word by Edie Bayer

Are you waiting for your miracle to come? During devotionals this morning my husband reminded me of this scripture passage in Luke 8. I believe this is a prophetic word that I think will help you!
Jesus had just driven out Legion from a man in the Gerasenes, sending the demons into the pigs. The people then turned on Jesus and drove Him out, as they were “possessed and suffering with dread and terror,” (Luke 8:27 – 37 AMPC). Next thing you know, He was approached by a man named Jairus, a ruler in the synagogue. His daughter was dying, and he asked Jesus to come and heal her, (v. 41-42). However, on the way, his journey was interrupted by the woman with the issue of blood. She reached out to Him in faith, believing if she could just touch Him she would be healed, (v. 44). Jesus felt her faith pull the healing virtue right out of Him (v. 46), and she was healed.

Next scene, one of Jairus’ associates showed up and told Jairus that his daughter had died (v. 49). Immediately, Jesus said, “Do not be seized with alarm or struck with fear; simply believe and she shall be made well,” (v. 50). They all went to Jairus’ house, where Jesus only allowed the BELIEVERS in with Him and kicked everybody else out. He then called her out of death back into life and ordered that she be given some food.

Okay! So what does this have to do with your miracle? I believe these two intertwined stories show us some things:

Don’t be afraid or dread what you are looking at – you will be possessed. When we are in fear or dread, we are choosing that over Jesus, bringing them closer and thus driving Him away – just like the people in the story of Legion! We are not in faith when we are in fear and dread. Remember, Jesus said in v. 50, “Do not be SEIZED with alarm or struck with fear…JUST BELIEVE (emphasis mine).” This means that fear, terror, dread and alarm can all grab ahold of you – seize you and make you their own. They can possess you!
The good news is that you can also be possessed by BELIEF! Belief can seize you and make you its own! Let it! The people with the pigs were POSSESSED by dread and terror. Don’t let the enemy possess you! Let the goodness of God possess you instead! Let BELIEF possess you. It’s a choice, a paradigm switch, and we must choose to get into belief rather than get into fear. Belief = Faith, and faith is the currency of heaven. Remember, a double-minded man gets nothing (see James 1:8). I want it all, don’t you?

Jesus is on His way! I believe that these two stories are connected for a reason. You see, Jesus was on His way to help Jairus when His trip was interrupted. How long was He in the company of the disciples, the crushing crowd and the woman who had previously been at His feet partaking of His healing virtue? How long did it take for her to finally come forward to confess Him as her healer? How long did all of this action take? A few minutes? An hour? Regardless, He was on His way to help somebody else when she showed up. She interrupted His plans; she took up His time. She stopped Him, who knows for how long. In essence, it looked like she slowed down Jairus’ miracle healing of his daughter. So much so that instead of being healed, she died. BUT GOD! Perhaps that was intentional on His part. Just like with Lazarus, whom Jesus intentionally allowed to die and stay dead for four days – just so He could bring him back again in the sight of all the townspeople, purposely (see John 11). Why? BECAUSE IT WAS TIME. It was the season for it to happen. It was time for Him to reveal Himself to them all! It was time for Him to step out in a super-huge, never before seen way and perform a miracle of intense proportions in front of lots of people. It was time for Him to show up and do what He does!

So here is the second way this impacts your miracle – Jesus is on His way. Yes, I know I already said this, but it bears repeating! Maybe He purposely let your dream die, like Jairus’ daughter or Lazarus, just so He could resurrect it after so long in front of all your naysayers, all your doubters and all your critics! Jesus is on His way! Maybe He was on His way to your house, for you to get your healing, but some other person stepped into line in front of you and grabbed ahold of His virtue first, seemingly taking up His time and stopping Him.

No worries because Jesus is still on His way! He is still coming to heal you! He is still coming to set you free! He is still coming to change your circumstances! He is still coming with breakthrough in His wings! In fact, He is coming not only to heal but to resurrect your dead dream, your sick body, your pitiful marriage, your empty checkbook! He is coming to exchange it for another version – a resurrection-power filled one!
Did He run out of healing virtue? NO! In fact, not only did the woman with the issue of blood get healed, His healing power was so multiplied that He not only healed the next person, He brought her back to life! And He’ll do it for you, too! If this is God’s blueprint, let’s pray that Jesus gets interrupted again and again on His way to us! I want it all, resurrection-power multiplied to maximum capacity! Don’t you?

Jesus is on His way! Are you possessed? Are you possessed by faith or fear? Are you possessed by belief or doubt? Have you given up hope that your promise will ever live? Grab your hope back – His Name is Jesus – and be possessed today by the Resurrection Power of the Holy Spirit of God! Be seized by joy and possessed by the knowledge that your healer is on His way! He is coming with a resurrected version of your body, your finances and your relationships. There is nothing too difficult for God! Just BELIEVE!

“Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes, I will return to you and Sarah will have a son.” (Genesis 18:14 AMP)
Be possessed today, because Jesus is on His way!

Sharing your faith with you!
Edie Bayer