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“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath, revealed them unto us by his Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God.” 2 Cor. 9&10.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord calling out to His faithful servants who have experienced disappointments in their last season.  “Now is the time!”  The manifestations of this season will erase the pain of the old season and heal your wounded hearts. I am accessing the deepest chambers of your hearts and ministering deliverance.”

The Lord visited me in a dream after a time of intense prayer.  In the dream I was in the hospital.  I had an overwhelming sense the Lord was right there by my side.  The crazy thing was, I was very pregnant.  I knew I was well overdue.  I could feel the deep inward pressure it was time to deliver the baby.  I also was experiencing an incredible anxiety because it was approaching the time to push. The doctors and nurses were busying themselves setting up the room for delivery.   I began to prepare myself mentally and physically for the travail necessary to bring this baby forth.

However, in my heart fear was rising up.  I remembered that I had been pregnant before.  It seemed the time before I pushed and pushed and didn’t deliver what I had hoped or believed God would do.  I asked the Lord, “Lord, is this the time?  He answered me, “Yes, Now is the time.  This time you will deliver.” 

I decree to the Body of Christ by the Word of the Lord, “This time you will deliver!”

My heart was overjoyed by His words. The pain of the losses of the past were washed immediately away with the power of His words.  “This time, you will deliver.”  The Lord is saying to His body, His bride, “Now is your time! It’s time to PUSH Again!”  Don’t fret over what did not turn out the way you hoped in your last season.  This is a new season of manifestation.  Long awaited promises are being birthed through those who are willing to push, by those who are willing to go deeper! 

Just like Peter, we sometimes feel like complete failures and return to our fishing boats.   Many times, in our hearts when we feel like we have failed in life or even failed God, we return to our old way of living. We return to our old way of thinking.   A life without much expectation or faith in the miraculous.  But God is showing up in our boats to take us deeper and cause the abundance of His word, His life to be caught in our nets. Luke 5:4 says, “When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon Peter, “Put out into the deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”

David understood the cry of the deep.  David was thirsty for more of God in Psalms 42.  He cried out, “As a deer pants for the water brook, so does my soul thirst after you.”  Are you thirsty? Do you long for more? As we read further the Bible declares, “Deep calls unto deep.” v.7.   All of who God is, calls to all of who you are, even into your soul.  He is saying, “I’ve got more for you. I’m not finished with my church or your life.”   The deep things are not revealed to our natural senses, but are discerned by the spirit of God.  (1Cor2:9-10).   The Spirit searches the deep things of God. Position yourself to hear His voice again and get the instruction needed for your new season.

It’s time to change the position of your nets at the word of the Lord.  He’s giving new directions and new commandments concerning what to do in this new season.  Even if you’ve been out there toiling all night and all day, it’s time to hear His Word and go deeper in the Spirit. The failures of the past won’t stop this deeper work in this season.

The abundance that will be caught in your net will be amazing.  However, the most incredible occurrence will be the restoration and healing of your heart.  Jesus met Peter around a new fire.  The old charcoal fire is where Peter denied Christ (John 18:18).  At his new charcoal fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit, we are restored and recommissioned to fulfill our assignments and calling after any disappointment (John 21:9).  Are you ready for deeper? Recast your net to the right side of the boat into the waters of the deep things of God.   Intensify your time in God’s presence and in prayer.  Deep is calling unto deep.  “Draw closer”, says the Lord, “I have mysteries to show you not revealed to natural senses, but discerned by my Spirit.”

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