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At The Door Marked “Desperation!” – A Word by Dana Jarvis


Contrary to the way we view things, desperation is not a bad thing. We have let the world define things for us, and by the worlds definition, desperation is a condition to be avoided at all costs.However from a Divine perspective, there are many blessings and promises of God that cannot be obtained apart from being desperate. I believe the spirits message to us all is, You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Blessed are the desperate for they will tear the roof off if and when necessary. They will push through the crowd. They won’t be offended for even the dogs eat the crumbs. They will gladly give up dignity for an encounter with deity even if it means climbing up a tree like Zaccheus. They will break barriers! They will lay in the dirt, climb a tree, or jump in a lake. They will not argue about what God does or How he does it even when he tells you to put mud in your eyes. They are desperate for that encounter with the power of Almighty God.

Now, I don’t know what you are desperate for, but God has sent me to tell you to get ready for some God-sized miracles that are about to manifest in your life. You have arrived at the doorstep marked “Desperation” and God is about to open the door. The portals to the power of Heaven are only unlocked by those who come through the keys of faith and desperation. When the lepers reached a place where they knew it is either ‘do or die’, they began the march to the Assyrians camp. That is when a miracle met them on the way. When the Caananite woman reached her end, she refused to take offense at the inference of being a dog and pressed on to demand her miracle. Desperate people don’t care what you call them, they are seeking something they want and need. When the four friends became desperate enough, they tore the roof of the house Jesus was ministering in and lowered their friend for a miracle.When the woman with the issue of blood got desperate, she did not care what the protocol of the day was, she pressed in through the crowd, crawled if she had too just to get to Jesus.

When you become desperate, people will criticize you. You will get those religious looks. They will look at you as if you just went overboard. If it is not according to their program, then it is just a little too extreme. Well as for me I do not operate by a program, but totally out of the box. So right now, I want to take this moment and speak to those who have reached the state of desperation beyond maintaining those religious looks; to those who are ready to come out of their comfort zones to receive their miracle; those who don’t mind getting their perfected make-up flawed by their tears, nor their nice attire getting messed up by their desperation; those who are ready to lift up the loud cry just like Bartimaeus and don’t care who is looking at them. Even when they say to be quiet, you get that much louder. I am speaking to those that are extreme. They may call us radical, but we are going to get to Jesus. A miracle is going to locate your life! Something is about to shift! To all the desperate ones needing that move of God for something in your life. I am calling forth the change you desire to see.


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I declare those doors that have been long closed to be opened in name of Jesus. I command your financial status to turn for the better. Your health to spring forth speedily; that restoration in your marriage to begin. I command your blessings to be released, in the name of Jesus! I speak to every obstacle on your path to get out of the way; I command satanic agents to be cut down, let every wicked spirit on assignment to your life be arrested and cast into the pit of darkness. Let your status begin to change by the fire of God today! When your prayers are fueled by desperation, there is nothing Heaven won’t move out of the way so as to deliver major miracles into your life. I call it forth right now in Jesus mighty name!

Blessed are the desperate for they will do whatever it takes to get what God has promised them.

Dana Jarvis

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