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Prophetic Insight

At The Lowest Ocean- A Word by Dannette Lynn

A love letter from Jesus.

In the hidden landscape of the ocean floor, lined with sunken ships, fallen
volcanic ashes and other fallen items from the earth. The deepest
underwater areas are the ocean trenches. The steep valleys and slopes carry
the fallen things from land to the lowest ocean floor. Sometimes all it
takes is an unexpected wave of grief to sink a ship. If you find yourself
falling to your lowest place, this is what Jesus says:

“Fall into Me, fall into My care. When you find yourself at the lowest
ocean, I will meet you there. You will lay down in peace as I cause you to
dwell in safety. Let your soul wait upon Me, as your expectation. Watching
over you, I neither slumber or sleep. I am your keeper and the shade at
your right hand.

Like hot springs releasing hot water into the cold waters of the sea, I
will give you power when you are faint and increase your strength. I have
made you and I will carry you through. I will help you and I will hold you
up. I will lift up your heart. When you pass through deep waters, I will be
with you.

Underwater canyons and mountain ranges can rival in size and beauty to that
of the land. There is a hidden treasure for you here, in the ocean depths.
I have plans for you that are good and not for evil, plans to give you an
expected end. I shall preserve you from all evil and protect every going
out and coming in. When you lie down, you need not to be afraid, return to
your place of rest and quiet the stirring in your soul.

My chosen one, I have taken you from the ends of the earth and I have
called you. I have chosen you and have not cast you away. I am your hiding
place, surely the great flood waters will not come near you. I will
preserve you from trouble and surround you with songs of deliverance. If
you rise on the wings of the dawn, or if you settle on the far side of the
sea, even there, My hand will guide you. At the lowest ocean, My right hand
will hold you fast.

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When you can no longer swim, learn to float. Rest in your hope and I will
be your Confidence. The rivers will not overtake you. I will make the storm
a calm so that the waves are still. The sound of My many waters will
restore your peace from within. Be of good courage and I will strengthen
your heart.

Don’t let your heart be anxious or heavy to sink in the abyssal plain of
the seabed. Cast every worry to Me with prayer and thanksgiving. My peace
which surpasses all understanding will keep guard of your heart and mind. I
will keep you in perfect peace, as you stay trusting in Me, wrapping you up
in My arms of Everlasting strength.

When the rains fell and the floods came with winds beating upon your ship.
You stood firm because of the strong foundation that you built on My Word.
When you found yourself falling, you were falling into Me. At the place of
rock bottom, I am the Rock to meet you at your sorrow. When your heart is
overwhelmed, relax into My Sheltering Arms. I will hold you through the
breaking and make all things new again.

In the comfort of My love, all fear and hurt are gone. At the lowest ocean,
there is so much yet to uncover and explore. I will give you the treasures
of darkness and the hidden wealth of the secret places, so that you may
know that is it I, the LORD your God, who calls you by your name. At the
lowest ocean, you will encounter the beauty of My countenance shining upon
your face and I will lift you up to ascend into a high and wonderful

Dannette Lynn

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