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Do you enjoy Spirit Fuel? It takes a dedicated team to keep this ministry up and running. It is good soil to sow into! God bless you as you give right now in this special moment!

Jesse and Amy Shamp

Jesse and Amy Shamp are a powerful evangelism team based in Nashville, TN and are the founders of Spirit Word Ministries International. Their mission is to edify and equip the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. Signs, wonders, and miracles follow their ministry, and they often receive powerful prophetic dreams from God for the Church. They are committed to crusade evangelism and are passionate about bringing in a harvest in the nations. Learn more at our website or like us on Facebook!
Signs and Wonders

Miracles in Indy

I was recently in Bedford, Indiana with my father Mike Shamp, ministering and tag-teaming several meetings. The first night I ministered about our inheritance as sons and daughters of God, and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for stomach conditions and those that were dealing with depression. Two...
Signs and Wonders

The Revival Spirit

  The Revival Spirit by Jesse Shamp Something that has always stirred my heart is the lifestyle of prayer of past revivalists, men and women of faith such as Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, and Evan Roberts. Their hunger and desperation for God has always provoked me in...
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