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Veronica Kilrain

Veronica carries a message of encounter, intimacy and empowerment found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Her strengths are exhortation and prophecy. Her book "Walking In The Spirit" teaches how you can hear God's voice in your daily life. Veronica is based in Perth, Western Australia where she resides with her husband Peter of 17 years and their five children. Veronica Blogs with prophetic insight and she teaches on the gift of righteousness. www.veronicakilrain.com
Prophetic Insight

Party In Heaven by Veronica Kilrain

There's a momentum that's been building and Heaven is celebrating as many will taste and see the King of Glory revealed through you and through me!! Many will turn and see! I've been hearing the word 'momentum' with an excitement that makes my spirit sing, ringing in my ears in...
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No Retreat From Destiny!

The Lord reminded me this week that HE IS THE CAPTAIN OF THE HOST! We, follow in HIS footsteps. Boots on ground, eyes on our commander chief! Looking through a prophetic lens, I believe Joshua's story is pertinent for where many are at now. Father wants to remind us that...
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I sense a heightened sense of spiritual activity as ministering angels are working in the earth in this hour. I keep sensing their presence and the power they carry. Angels are setting up kingdom alignments in the secular world, specifically in MOVIES and MEDIA. I saw the words JESUS IS...
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