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Beauty Anointing



For the Esther who has been preparing his and her heart for the King.

As you have set your heart in preparation to be near to the King, he has looked upon you. His eyes fill an ocean of Love filled tears, because you have moved him, with just one glance of your eyes. Like a virgin, you have decided to make room in the chambers of your heart for the Christ in purity. He is the essence of beauty. He is the center and core of all beauty. His fragrance of beauty captures the heart of every passer by. His beauty is the destruction of his enemies. They cannot be near his beauty. His enemies run and hide when he comes near. It is the beauty of Jesus.

He has noticed you, he has seen your heart making room to grow in his Love. He feels the strong pulls of the tides drawing him near to your focus and desire. In your time of preparation, you have been drawing deep upon his Love, like one desperate to pull from his very garments. You have been seeking him, as the pearl of great price.

He is igniting your heart with the Fire of his Love and you will never be the same again. Your heart will rage with flames of all consuming Love. A Love so powerful, not even the arrows of death can contain it. Many waters cannot quench this Love. All darkness fears this Love, this fiery anointing. There is no match for the powers of this Love. It is the very Love of Jesus that surpasses all understanding.

His Love will break off the yoke of the oppressor and burst your bonds apart. You will come into total freedom, because the King desires you. He has set his Love upon you. When you chose to let go of your will, he chose to extend his scepter to you. The King delights in you and is calling you by name. You have found favor in his sight, what you seek will be given to you.

The riches of his glorious Kingdom and the splendor of his Majesty. No good thing will he withhold from you. Jesus is captivated with you. It was only a test, beloved. A test of your heart, to see if you would make him your first Love. Now he comes, riding upon the mountains that you see opposing you, bringing Good news!

It may have looked like you were in a dark room, with bad tidings of gloom heading your way, even in every direction. Jesus is the light, and as he steps into the room to illuminate the atmosphere, you will see the room is loaded with treasures of his Love. He is bringing Good news and many answers to prayers!


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The cold and ugly season is ending and the New Beauty is awakening. God is pouring out the new wine of Joy and Gladness to those who have been making room for him in their hearts. Beauty for ashes. You have passed the test of Love and on the sacrifice of your heart, Jesus is sending the Fire of his burning Love. He will quench the passion of your heart with more of him. His fire burning up every thorn and brier in both SOUL and BODY. Beauty is surfacing. Beauty is shining through.

Although the enemy has dug a pit for you, his disaster will return upon his own head. Love always protects. GOD IS LOVE and he will protect you. Let go of every worry and sink deep into his Love, fully trusting, as Love always trusts. Rest is your prophetic act of returning his Love.

A fountain of beauty and Love springs up, washing away the bitterness of soul. You will be satisfied in this Love awakening, as you see the lover of your soul touching every part of your heart to be made whole again. Brokenness is making way for Beauty. The beauty of the King is becoming you. As his radiance shines upon you, the shame of betrayal and rejection will leave and the Love of Jesus will be your Beauty Anointing. It is the most expensive oil there is. He has inscribed you on the palms of his hands, your walls are ever before him.

Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. What he has is given to you, as you ask, you must also believe. Above every negative in your life, believe for the opposite. Believe in God’s goodness. Rest in his goodness. As your thoughts take flight, the Lord will help you to fly to the safe haven of hoping in him. You will see your dreams come true. Lift your thoughts. Lift up your praise, that the King of Glory may come in.

No good thing will he withhold from you, because you have made him your first love. Even in the darkest, most painful season, you did not renounce him. You chose him over everything. You chose him over your very life. Even when you had nothing to live for, you set your love on knowing Jesus. You have paid the ultimate price.

Now his Love is breaking through, like a masked hero hidden in the night. He will save you and give to you, your hearts delight. You will experiences security in the Lord’s hand. His arrow will go forth like lightning and he will go with whirlwinds from the south. The Lord of Hosts will defend you. He will make a way, as his light shines through the night sky.

Rejoice greatly, the time has come for your Beauty Anointing. Your King is coming because you prepared the way in your heart for him. You are a jewel in his crown. His love is a most Vehement Flame and it is going to be a burning beauty anointing for you. 


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