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Erica Murphy is called to the remnant as a seer and prophetic dreamer to help usher the body into His presence with fire. Ordained as a deliverance minister, she is the founder of Tried by Fire ministry which travels the United States setting the captives free . Erica blazes new trails as a visionary through angelic encounters and Holy spirit leading. She’s also a YouTube personality releasing God’s words to many. Her heart is to see lives transformed through deeper encounters with Jesus.

Behind The Scenes – A Word by Erica Murphy

Erica Murphy 

Email: [email protected]

I want to encourage you today.

Last night I had a dream I walked up the aisle in a church up on to the stage area. I noticed I was the only one wearing jeans while others were kinda dressed up. They all watched me as I opened a back door on the stage and went in. There was a handful of people back there and I sat down on a bench beside a man and his older son who appeared to have autism. I could tell he was mentally handicapped. The boy hit my leg with his hand and I asked him why did you do that. He did not speak but I saw the demonic spirit torturing him. I asked his father if I could pray for his son. He said yes. The boy started to manifest as I prayed casting out the spirit that was attached to him. He was delivered. As I stood up I heard some ladies ask him if he was OK, he spoke Yes. I looked down at my tee-shirt as I walked through another back door, and I saw a small emblem of a lion’s face. It was the lion of the tribe of Judah.

There will be seasons your hidden.  This does not mean your sitting around doing nothing. It may be it is not time yet for you to be revealed. You may be working behind the scenes. Jesus told his disciples in Mark 8 not to tell anyone about him. A swat team comes in unexpected.  No one knows they are there until they are. They come in with a mission , execute it, then leave. 

Gems are hidden deep in the earth. Each has its own unique characteristics. Most people can not tell the difference between a real diamond and a cubic zirconia. 

I want to encourage you today….if you feel like your in the shadows, not known and overlooked, Praise God.  YOU are on a mission my friend. A shadow is hidden and can only be seen when light passes through it.  Peter’s shadow was anointed. It represents the dark unseen places you may be called to. Let your light shine wherever the Father leads you. 

They may not know your name, but heaven does.

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