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Bill Yount: 2016 – A Year When Passions For Jesus Will Run Wild



Passion: strong and barely controllable emotion.

This coming year we will see the fulfillment of the song: ‘A Soul On Fire.’ ( Third Day ) This song is prophetic for 2016. As ungodly passion for sin accelerates in a world gone crazy, so will an uncontrollable passion for Jesus begin to burn and run wild in the hearts of many. People will literally catch on fire for God. Some of God’s people will be seen like flames of fire walking in malls and grocery stores.

This fire will be contagious. In a blinking of an eye lost souls will ignite and burn like torches as the fire of repentance explodes within them. Their changed lives will shock the world. Some reports of places being on fire will actually be the result of God’s people gathering and worshiping the Lord.

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Imaginations of what God can do will run wild, burning in the hearts of many. The call of God will consume people with creative ideas and ways to lift Jesus higher and touch the world. If you paint, watch for your paintings to cause the hearts of observers to burn within them. Some paintings will ignite themselves and burn a trail of repentance across the earth as they go worldwide being noticed by the media. If you write, some writers will discover their writing paper as though holes had been burnt through it. Pens will be catching on fire as if burning the hands of their writers. If you sing watch for deliverance as demons flee from the fire of God that is greater than hell.

Bill Yount