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A love letter from Jesus. 

Stop worrying about even one thing, My promise will reappear and you will be overjoyed and enraptured by My loving-kindness. With exceptionally good gifts and gold from the King, what you expect is what will be given. Think and keep thinking that something wonderful is about to happen! 

With overflowing love, you will see relief from the hardship and the burden will no longer linger over your shoulders. For there is nothing as heavy as love and My love is grafted into every promise. 

Count on My Rule to prevail as you take heart and gain strength. The mountains see it coming and they have fallen and collapsed in preparation. With double comfort and tons of love, you are venturing into true awareness of My intentional devotion. 

I will meet all of your needs from out of My storehouses of wealth and inexhaustible goodness, that you may have and enjoy all things in abundance. The flood waters of My audacious provisions are flooding in to mount up huge waves of assistance. With a constant infusion of strength, I am dressing you in power. 

Brace yourself for heavy rains of blessing–something good is going to happen! All at once and more than you can think will surface from My vow in the unseen. Like sweet wine pouring from My jeweled chalice, you will be completely filled and well supplied because you are so precious to Me.  

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