Bride Come Deeper – A Word by Travis W Holland

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Bride Come Deeper – A Word by Travis W Holland

Travis W Holland

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I saw a bride in a radiant white dress standing on the shore. Her crown was made of the purest gold and adorned with Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphire, and a large Ruby in the middle. The Bride was looking at the sea like she wanted to jump in and be fully immersed. The sea was calm waters, moving back and forth as it beckoned the bride to come deeper. It was the deep calling forth the deep of the bride’s heart.

The bride stuck her toe in the water then brought it back, then put it back again. Although the bride felt weighted down by being on dry ground, the bride was comfortable with just soaking her toes in the water and still wanted to enjoy the sand where she was standing.  She looked to the right and saw other brides waste deep splashing and playing in the Sea. They were so joyful to be waist deep that they just radiated the Joy. They were saturated with His Presence that it caused them to burst forth with Holy Laughter, Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs. As they smiled at one another, words of encouragement, prophetic decrees, and the Living Word flowed from their mouths and brought encouragement to other brides that were in that waist deep area.

Ephesians 5:18b-19 TPT

“Be filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 19 And your hearts will overflow with a joyful song to the Lord Jehovah. Keep speaking to each other with words of Scripture, singing the Psalms with praises and spontaneous songs given by the Spirit!”

This caused a longing within the bride standing on the sand with her toes in the water to go deeper. As the bride got both of her feet fully immersed into the Sea, she forgot all about the sand she was standing on. The bride no longer had a longing to be on the shifting sand, but to go deeper into the Sea, deeper into His Presence, deeper into His Love, deeper into His Glory, and deeper into the Fresh Anointing that was beckoning her to go deeper. The Depth of His Love for the Bride was calling upon the Deep within her.

Psalms 42:1 TPT

“I long to drink of you, O God, drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure flowing from your presence. My longings overwhelm me for more of you!”

When the bride got waist deep, she burst forth with uncontainable laughter and Joy. She was singing New Songs. All the weight she carried while standing on the sand was washed away. A Fresh Breath filled her lungs as she began to prophesy, sing, and declare the Glory of the Lord. A Fresh Anointing covered her from the top of her crown to the bottom of her feet. She began to see the uncountable, uncontrollable Love of God moving around her and through her. The stumbling block of the dry land was broken, and the scales on her eyes were lifted as she could see clearer than she was ever able to.

As she stood there waist deep in His Presence, she looked to the left and saw other brides in the Sea with the Living Water over their heads. She saw the brides radiant as shining bright gold. They were at so much Rest that nothing seemed to phase them even when the storm winds blew back and forth, they just remained deep in perfect peace. The Ocean of His Presence and Love was not phased by the storm winds, and neither were the brides that were head over heels in this great ocean of His Love. They could feel these winds, they could see it, yet they were never phased by it. These brides had a look upon them that they were caught up in the greatest love that they have ever experienced.

Isaiah 60:5 TPT

“Then you will understand and be radiant. Your heart will be thrilled and swell with joy. The fullness of the sea will flow to you and the wealth of the nations will be transferred to you!”

Psalm 107:24 TPT

“We were witnesses of God’s power out in the ocean deep; we saw breathtaking wonders upon the high seas.”

This caused the bride to look upon these brides that are in the deep waters and longed to go deeper herself. She dove into the sea head over heels into the sea without a care or a caution. She did not care what others thought or said, she just longed to go deeper into His Presence, His Glory, His Love, His Anointing. It was something that gripped the bride’s heart to go further and further until only the Sea of His Presence & Love carried her.

Then I heard the Lord said this Sea represents My Love and My Presence. It knows no depth and you can go deeper and deeper and there is still an endless overwhelming depth of My Love and Presence to still GO. I have created a longing to go deeper inside of each one of you. It is a longing for My Love, it is a Longing to know more of who I AM. As a son is drawn unto the Father, the Bridegroom long to have the Bride to know Him more. The Bridegroom calls unto the Bride Come!

Revelation 22:17 TPT

“Come,” says the Holy Spirit and the Bride in divine duet. Let everyone who hears this duet join them in saying, “Come.” Let everyone gripped with spiritual thirst say, “Come.” And let everyone who craves the gift of living water come and drink it freely. “It is my gift to you! Come.”

Philippians 3:14-16 TPT

“I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus. 15 So let all who are fully mature have this same passion, and if anyone is not yet gripped by these desires, God will reveal it to them. 16 And let us all advance together to reach this victory-prize, following one path with one passion.”

John 3:29 TPT

“He is the Bridegroom, and the bride belongs to him. I am the friend of the Bridegroom who stands nearby and listens with great joy to the Bridegroom’s voice. And because of his words my joy is complete and overflows!”


Travis W Holland

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